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Southern: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Vatican City, San Marino, Greece

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1 Southern: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Vatican City, San Marino, Greece
Southern Europe Southern: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Vatican City, San Marino, Greece

2 Southern Europe Matching
Italy San Marino Vatican City Spain Greece Portugal

3 Physical Features Peninsulas Alps Islands
Iberian (home to Spain and Portugal) Pyrenees Mountains – block off peninsula from rest of Europe Italian (boot of Italy) Alps Most famous mountain chain in Europe Stretch across France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the northern Balkan Peninsula Cut Italy off from rest of Europe Islands Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete

4 Climates Western Europe: Southern Europe: Marine West Coast (mainly)
Highland and Humid Subtropical Southern Europe: Mainly Mediterranean Some Marine West Coast, Semiarid, and Humid Subtropical

5 Southern Resources Majority Zinc and Coal
Biggest variety of resources found in Spain

6 Water Pollution: Venice
Industrial waste, sewage, and saltwater combine together and eat away the foundations of buildings (damage) Erosion is allowing large amounts of seawater into the lagoon “Killer Algae”: decaying algae uses up all the oxygen which causes fish in water to die as well = insects in water = STENCH!

7 ITALY Rich culture The Roman Empire
Ruled most of the Italian Peninsula Grew by conquering overseas territories The Renaissance (‘rebirth’) – a renewed interest in learning (Leonardo DaVinci)

8 Landmarks Rome is the capital & largest city
Home to the Colosseum and other Roman ruins.

9 Southern Italy has many natural disasters  Earthquakes, Volcanic Activity, Floods, & Droughts
Home to Mt. Vesuvius and the ancient city of Pompeii

10 Italy’s Economic Problems
Northern region is much more developed than Southern region Why? North is closer to industrial nations (Germany & France) South = poor transportation systems Southern government made poor decisions when promoting growth

11 The island of Sicily – large island on the southern coast of Italy
Mt. Etna, an active volcano

12 SPAIN & PORTUGAL Together form the Iberian Peninsula
Capital of Spain = Madrid Capital of Portugal = Lisbon

13 One of the world’s largest tourist industries
Beaches & rich culture

14 Fishing is a large part of economy
Have a long history of sailing

15 Leading producer of cork – corkboards, shoes, wine stoppers

16 Background The Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the Moors (a Muslim people from North Africa) for over 700 years

17 Were the most powerful European nations; controlled sea trade during the 15th – 16th century
Had a huge colonial empire and was a leader in the spice trade.

18 VATICAN CITY An independent state surrounded by the city of Rome
Smallest country in the world (0.2sq. Miles)

19 The pope, the head of the Roman Catholic church, has absolute political authority within the city

20 GREECE Agricultural products – olive oil, tobacco, grapes, & citrus fruits Shipping is big part of economy

21 Background Ancient Greece – vital to the development of Western culture City-state – “birth of democracy”

22 Ancient city of Olympia – site of the first Olympic Games

23 Ancient city of Sparta – famous for its athletes and warriors (movie “300”)

24 Capital = Athens Home of the Acropolis with the Parthenon (one of the world’s most photographed and famous buildings)

25 SAN MARINO San Marino was founded early in the 4th century by Christians escaping persecution One of the oldest and smallest republics / countries

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