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Reproduction Growth and Development

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1 Reproduction Growth and Development
Insect Life Cycles Reproduction Growth and Development

2 Insect Reproduction Most  sexual In many species of wasps,
EXCEPTION: Males  scarce/around at certain times of year Females still reproduce! Common in aphids. In many species of wasps, unfertilized eggs = males fertilized eggs = females Certain species  females produce only females. Insects may reproduce by: laying eggs the eggs hatch inside the female Common in aphids

3 Insect Growth and Development (Complete Metamorphosis)
In most insects Four stages: egg, larva or nymph, pupa, and adult several larval or nymphal stages instars Growth  larval or nymphal stages The eggs, pupae, and mature adults don't grow in size


5 Pupa stage (cocoon or chrysalis):

6 Complete Metamorphosis

7 Insect Growth and Development (Incomplete Metamorphosis)
Nymph  look like the adult No wings color may be different Nymphs and adults  usually occupy the same habitat EXAMPLES: true bugs and grasshoppers


9 Incomplete metamorphosis

10 Ametabolous life cycle:
EXAMPLES: Springtails and silverfish They have an egg stage Once hatched = look exactly like the adult. The nymphs  Missing the sexual organs OR Have them but are unable to reproduce until the adult stage


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