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Grains Foods and Nutrition. Grain An edible seed – member of grass family.

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1 Grains Foods and Nutrition

2 Grain An edible seed – member of grass family

3 Endosperm Starchy material in grain Used to make flour

4 Germ Plant embryo (reproduces new plant) Contains fat and vitamins B and E

5 Flour Finely ground grain- usually wheat Blend of hard and soft flour makes all- purpose flour

6 Bleached Flour Residue removed for better baking Most familiar

7 Enriched flour Since processed wheat loses nutrients, they are restored or “enriched” with: ◦ Iron ◦ B-vitamins ◦ Folic acid

8 Gluten Protein in Wheat flour – stretches to trap CO2 produced in baking, makes product rise

9 Barley Staple of the Middle East Oldest grain Used in soups, liquor, animal food Pearl-like in shape

10 Semolina Made from hard durum wheat (paste) used for making pasta

11 Bran Outer layer of grain Contains fiber, b-vitamins, minerals

12 Buckwheat Fruit of leafy plant Flour of this is used for pancakes, blintzes, soba noodles, Kasha

13 Bulgur Processed whole wheat(steamed,dry, cracked) Very nutritious

14 Corn Most common grain Some uses: animal feed, cornstarch, syrups, oil, and so much more! Also considered a vegetable

15 Polenta Porridge made from cornmeal

16 Couscous Made from Semolina Similar to pasta Fluffy rice-like wheat

17 Oats Originally weed in wheat or barley Oatmeal is made from rolled oats 95% of harvested is used for animal feed

18 Rice Half of the world’s population eats rice 3x per day. The word itself means “culture”

19 Brown Rice Only outer husk has been removed, bran remains intact High and fiber Rich, nutty flavor Longer to digest Makes you feel fuller, longer

20 White Rice Grain that has been milled and enriched

21 Minute rice Precooked and dried before packaging Very user friendly when time is an issue

22 Parboiled rice Soaked under pressure, steam and air dried Helps retain nutrients and keeps grains separate when cooking

23 Risotto Italian rice dish Uses arborio rice and chicken stock Short grain rice

24 Rye Originally a weed Used in breads in Europe and of course, U.S.

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