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ETL Multi Media Grey Water Filters and Pre Reverse Osmosis Filtration.

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1 ETL Multi Media Grey Water Filters and Pre Reverse Osmosis Filtration

2 ETL Credentials EnviroTech markets the Multi Media Filter, the technology has been “tried and tested” over the last 10 years on a variety of applications. The ETL filter been specified by some of Europe’s / MENA`s largest organizations. Flagship reference sites in pre-reverse osmosis desalination, tertiary treatment, grey water recycling, mobile and temporary water applications. Grey Water Recycling in residential, leisure, commercial and Industrial sectors.

3 The ETL Filter is an improved filtration system and process for the elimination of solids and pathogens from water and wastewater on a commercially viable scale, taking deep-bed filtration to a new level. Typical applications include: Waste Water: Tertiary Filtration Potable Water: Bore Hole Water and River Water Desalination: Pre-Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment: (SDI<3) Industrial Process Water: Cooling Tower, Full Stream, Side Stream or Make Up Water Grey Water Recycling: Secondary Waste Water or Lightly Contaminated Water The ETL Multi Media Filter

4 Performance Benefits: o Flow rates at least 5 times faster o Removes 15 times more suspended solids than a rapid sand filter o Quicker backwash times – Lower running costs o Lower running costs Filter Type Max Velocity through bed (m/hr) Max sus-solids loading (mg/l) avg sus-solids remaining (microns) Retained particle size after backwash (microns) ETL Multi Media Filter505000.2<0.5 Rapid Sand10100310 Cartridge1450.63 Crossflow8503.26 Anthracite91005015 The ETL Filter Performance

5 The Filter comprises of 4 layers of Filter Media. The Filter Media will last a minimum of 15 years. Particle size removal down to 0.2 microns. High filtration velocities of up to 50m 3 /m 2 hr High solids handling capacity up to 500mgl Backwash water consumption, 0.1 to 1% The ETL Multi Media Filter

6 Scottish Water :Luss(Loch Lomond) How Does it Work?

7 4 layers of inert natural media that have an increasing density, a decreasing particle size and specific shape factor. The media has a naturally high positive charge which enables negatively charged particulates such as Cryptosporidium and Legionella to be removed by surface adsorption. How Does it Work?

8 Small Footprint, Versatile Package Solutions to meet client requirements The ETL Multi Media Filter inexpensive to purchase, operate and maintain Natural, Long Lasting Media (10 Years Warrantee) Minimal or no Chemical Dosing Requirements Faster Flow Rates (up to 50m 3 /m 2 hr) High Performance Filtration to 0.2 micron SS @ 500mg/litre Low Volume Backwash (0.1-1% of forward feed) Easy to install and maintain (Very little training required) Retrofit to reduce capital costs. Summary

9 Pre-Treatment to Reverse Osmosis PARTCULARSGulf Green Media FiltrationStandard Dual Media Filtration Commercially Active3 years Average Raw SDI6 to 7 Average Filtered SDILess than 3 SDI without ChemicalsLess than 3 SDI with Chemicals Filtration Velocity m/hr30 - 4010 Raw Water NTU1ntu to 2ntu Filtered Water NTU0.2 Micron without Coagulant0.2 with Ferric Chloride Chemical Cleans per annum13 10 year Running Cost nominal figure / ratio13 10 year Whole of Life / ratio16


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