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20,000 Barrel Per Day Produced Water Treatment System

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1 20,000 Barrel Per Day Produced Water Treatment System Jeff Anderson or

2 20K BPD WTS Description This $10M water treatment system (WTS) was designed to treat salt water produced by the extraction of natural gas from wells in Alabama.. The plant is capable of treating the following contaminants. Oil Water Separation Suspended Solids Removal Dissolved Solids Removal Sludge Management This system was installed and tested in 2006 but never started up.

3 20K BPD Process Flow Suspended Solids Removal Sludge Removal
Flocculent & coagulant chemical addition mix tanks, DAF clarifier, media and bag filtration Sludge Removal Three filter presses with pre-coating system Dissolved Solids Removal 877 BPH (600 gpm) Reverse Osmosis system 75-85% Recovery Reject water is treated for suspended solids and treated through and additional RO system.

4 20K BPD WTS Design Criteria
Feed Flow 20,000 BPD 580 gpm Recovery (Clean Water) 90% 17,880 BPD 520 gpm Waste Stream Water – 2,000 BPD Sludge – 25 FT3/Day

5 Pretreatment System Rapid Mix Tank Coagulant Tank Floc Tank SS DAF
Dual Media Filter Twin Bag Filters Twin Filters Presses

6 RO System Description Grundfos Feed Pump FEDCO High Pressure Pumps
1000 psi Wave Cyber 8 x 6M Housings 20:12:6 Array Chemical Treatment Square D Electrical Gear

7 Reject Recovery RO System
Heated, Insulated Reject storage tanks Chemical Treatment SS Clarifier Filter Press Bag Filter FEDCO High Pressure Pump RO 3:2:1 Array, 6M, 1000 psi

8 20K BPD Produce Water Treatment System
Total Project Cost - $10,000,000 Equipment Cost - $6,000,000 Sale Price - $1,515,000 Call for technical information Contact Jeff Anderson

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