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Process Of Reverse Osmosis Plant

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1 Process Of Reverse Osmosis Plant

2 Feeding Water Source of Water To Filtration System Raw Water Tank
Raw Water Pump Raw Water Feed Pump: Raw Water pump is used to feed the water to Filtration System at required Pressure from water source.

3 Filtration System From Raw Water Pump To Dosing
Activated Carbon Filter Pressure Sand Filter To Dosing Pressure Sand Filter : PSF consist of FRP / MS / SS Vessel with Frontal Pipe, Multi Port Valve or Conventional Valve, also media layer of Pebbles, Gravels, Cylex, Sand Media. PSF is used for reduction of suspended solids. Activated Carbon Filter : ACF consist of FRP / MS / SS Vessel with frontal pipe, Multi port Valve or Conventional Valve, & Activated Carbon layer. ACF is used for reduction of organic maters & chlorine.

4 Dosing System From Filtration System To Micron Cartridge Filter
Dosing Systems : Dosing Systems are mainly used for the prevention of Scale formation by using Anti Scalant Chemicals. Other Dosing Systems are Chlorination, De chlorination, PH Dosing, SMBS, Acid Dosing etc…

5 Micron Cartridge Filter
From Dosing System To High Pressure Pump MCF: MCF are used to filter out Physical Impurities in micron rating from feed water.

6 High Pressure Pump To Reverse Osmosis Module
From High Cartridge Filter To Reverse Osmosis Module High pressure Pump: HPP is mainly used to transfer pre-treated water to RO module at required pressure.

7 Reverse Osmosis Module
Product Water Product Water Tank Reject Water Tank From High Pressure Pump

8 Our Control Panel Volt-Ampere Meter Pressure Gauge
Online Conductivity Meter Auto-Manual Switch Product & Reject Flow Meter Feed Pump Switches High Pressure Pump Switches

9 RO Applications Boiler Feed water Treatment Food & Beverage
Power Generation Industries Sea water Desalination Recycling Industrial Effluent & Domestic Sewage Pharmaceutical industries Chemical & Dyes Industries Pulp & Paper Industries Drinking Water Application

10 Some of our RO Plants

11 Thank You

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