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Key words in Health and Social Care. People’s rights Choice Confidentiality Protection Equality Consultation.

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1 Key words in Health and Social Care

2 People’s rights Choice Confidentiality Protection Equality Consultation

3 Importance of rights Self esteem Empowerment Confidence Trust Safety Equality of access Individual needs

4 Maintaining rights Effective Communication Correct information Challenge discriminatory behaviour Complaints procedures Advocacy

5 Values of Care Equality and Diversity Confidentiality Promotion of an individual’s rights and beliefs

6 Early years values of care(for those in nurseries, pre-school, playgroups) Welfare of child is paramount- be positive, no smacking or humiliation Keep child safe, maintaining a healthy and safe environment Partnership with parents Encourage learning and development, by providing choice Value diversity

7 Early years values-continued Equality of opportunity Practise anti-discrimination Confidentiality of information Working with others, such as other professionals and agencies

8 Importance of applying values of care Standardisation of care Improve quality of care Provide clear guidelines to inform and improve practise Maintain and improve quality of practise

9 Effects on people if care values not applied Physical (pain if medication not given) Intellectual (loss of concentration) Emotional (feeling betrayed) Social (feel excluded)

10 Legislation Equality Act 2010 Children’s Act 2004 Data Protection Act 1998 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Mental Health Act 2007

11 Legislation (continued) What is the impact of legislation on: 1.People who use services(e.g a child, older person, vulnerable adult) 2.Care practitioners (e.g. a nurse, play assistant, carer, physiotherapist) 3.Service providers ( e.g. sirona care, NHS)?

12 QUESTIONS on LEGISLATION How does legislation support an individual’s rights? How does it help to maintain and improve the quality of care practise? How does legislation provide guidance to staff working in the care sector? How does legislation set the standard of practise and conduct of staff and managers who work in the care sector?

13 Personal Hygiene Hand washing routines Hair, jewellery, nail polish, Cover open wounds Protective clothing Regular washing of self Teeth cleaning Use and disposal of tissues

14 Safety procedures Emergency procedures, such as fire evacuation Equipment consideration- appropriateness Moving and handling techniques

15 Security measures such as those in a nursery/playgroup and a care home External entrances Key holders Security pads Window locks Reporting of concerns Identification of staff Monitoring of visitors

16 Protecting of individuals Method for reducing spread of infection, such as general cleaning, wearing gloves Method for reducing risk/danger, such as carrying out a risk assessment Procedures to prevent accidents and promote good practise, such as training of staff

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