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Leaders and Managers Network Meeting 6 th March 2014 9.30-11.30 am.

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1 Leaders and Managers Network Meeting 6 th March 2014 9.30-11.30 am

2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions EYFS Networks Training Plan Ofsted Transition document Messages from school & good practice transition Early Help Record

3 EYFS Networks 19 th March : Ladybird Children’s Centre 26 th March : Moredon Children’s Centre Focus: Communication & Language

4 Training New Early Years Educator qualification From September 2014 Grade C minimum in English & Maths GCSE EYFS amendments

5 Ofsted Inspections Safeguarding & Well-Being Leadership & Management Teaching & Learning

6 Safeguarding and Well-Being Staff knowledge Secure attachments & emotional needs Care practices Physical exercise and healthy diet Transitions Understanding risks Behaviour management Safe & welcoming Motivated & engaged

7 Leadership & Management Provider is involved and fully responsible Safeguarding & welfare requirements Educational programmes & planning Rigorous self-evaluation Well-focused improvement plans Effective staff supervision Trainees & students Tackling underperformance

8 CPD opportunities Deployment of staff-qualifications & skills Effective partnerships Sharing information Monitoring children’s progress Interventions where necessary

9 Meeting Children’s Needs: Teaching & Learning Planning-Prime & Specific Areas Engaged & motivated How children are supported to develop & learn High expectations Meeting individual needs Key Characteristics of Effective Learning Practitioner’s ‘Teaching’ facilitates learning

10 Quality of teaching-consistent Focus on C&L, PD and PSED Practitioners have secure knowledge Assessment on-entry Ongoing assessments demonstrate progress Challenge Flexible routines

11 Indoor & outdoor learning opportunities Two-year progress check Planning for transition to school Key Person system-parents involved in assessments SEN and children with additional needs making appropriate progress Equality Act 2010

12 Typical Range of Development Age of Child Additional Needs Circumstances Attendance 40-60 months on transition to school

13 Teaching Early Years Educators… Many different ways in which adults help young children learn. Includes… interactions during planned and child- initiated play, communicating and modelling language Showing, explaining, demonstrating, exploring ideas, encouraging, questioning, recalling,

14 providing a narrative for what they are doing facilitating and setting challenges. Takes into account equipment and the physical environment as well as structure and routines

15 How practitioners assess what children know and can do as well as take into account their interests and ways of learning Use this information to plan children’s next steps in learning and monitor their progress

16 During the Visit: documentation DBS records Recruitment records Qualifications Training plan/CPD records inc. safeguarding Induction records Planning & assessment documents Complaints record

17 Medical policy/accident book Self Evaluation Development plan Actions from previous Inspection

18 The Visit Meet Provider Talk with parents Tour Observations of practice Case track Leadership & management meeting Arrange feedback

19 Time for Discussion..

20 ‘Moving On’ Document.. General information pages Summary page Request ‘gaps’ sheets Learning journals Add date

21 Assessments are inconsistent Phonics and aspect 7 PD weak – hand skills/fine motor poor SEN guidance

22 Good links and communication with feeder settings throughout the year Inviting children and staff to visit in terms 5 & 6 Visits to settings Transition meetings for SEN in term 5 Networking opportunities Involving parents

23 Early Help Record Family Contact Point 01793 466903

24 Next Meeting…

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