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ACPOS Scottish Policing Assessment 2011-15. Setting the Strategy Research and Risk Assessment.

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1 ACPOS Scottish Policing Assessment 2011-15

2 Setting the Strategy Research and Risk Assessment

3 Developing the Scottish Policing Assessment 2011/14 Evolution of the Scottish Strategic Assessment Identify significant risks to policing in Scotland Link operational and business priorities Provide a strategy for the longer term linked to Comprehensive Review

4 Step One – Research Force and Agency Strategic /business Assessments Professional Reference Group ACPOS Business Area Papers Emerging Thinking Database Partners BCPB Projects Environmental Scanning Public Consultation FALG Existing Foundations Transference to Business Areas Stakeholder Involvement and processes

5 Model to consider both Operational and Business Risk Consideration of available Risk Assessment Models Development of Control Strategy and ACPOS Business Plan for 2011 – 15 Operational priorities = P.I.E’s and S.I.R All priorities = Organisational Development (OD’s) Risk Assessment

6 SPA 2011-14 Priorities Local Policing ASB Road Casualty Natural Hazards and Major Events SOCG CT Public Protection Service Reconfiguration Workforce Development Information, Science And Technology Service Delivery Violence

7 Developing Priorities Ctd Policing with Communities community Policing visible policing ASB Violence SOA’s Community Planning partnerships Public expectations Alcohol Night time economy Gang related deprivation partnership Volume crime Road Deaths and Injuries High public concern Most significant loss of life Child casualties

8 Developing Priorities Ctd Protecting Communities From Harm SOCG strategies PUBLIC PROTECTION Natural Hazards and Major Events Technology Cyber crime Civil contingency Natural Hazards Economic Crime access to specialist resources Corruption CT International Irish Domestic Domestic violence Missing person Child protection Sexual offences Sex offenders

9 Developing Priorities SUSTAINABILITY Workforce Transformation Information Management Service Reconfiguration Recruitment/ Redundancies Skills Efficiencies StructuresPartnerships ICT Security Corporacy Training Morale Interoperability BCPB

10 Optimum delivery Point Policing with Communities Protecting Communities from Harm Sustainability The Policing Tri-Lema Trade off Challenge

11 Scottish Policing Assessment and SIPR

12 Strategic Research Programme Ensure existing research linked to and included in SPA Cross mapping conducted between research topics and 11 work streams Sharing of findings between SIPR and ACPOS Strategic Development Unit as Single Point of Contact for ACPOS and SIPR SDU to create research Commission future research linked to priorities Commission future research linked to the 11 work stream priorities Memorandum of Understanding between ACPOS and SIPR to facilitate further information sharing Development of database of police leads to facilitate collaborative approach Development of mentoring programme

13 Community Policing Road Deaths & Injuries Public Protection Serious Organised Crime Terrorism Natural Hazards & Events Service Transfiguration Workforce Development Information, Science and Technology PODIE --- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Service ResponseOD Strategic Assessment & Strategic Plan 2011-15 Scottish Control Strategy & Strategic Intelligence Requirement Corporate Improvement Plan PI’s - - - - - - - - Scottish Policing Performance Framework Consultation, Research & Analysis Public Performance Reporting SPPFSOA Quarterly Performance Report ACPOS Annual Report Research & Risks Resources Results Force Strategic Assessments (NIM) Drivers Force Business Assessments Drivers Public Consultation Stakeholder Consultation ACPOS Business Area Papers ASB Violence --- Partnerships Assessments Drivers Government Strategies ACPOS Business Change Programme Board Projects ACPOS STRATEGIC PLANNING FRAMEWORK Public Reassurance and Community Safety Criminal Justice and Tackling Crime Efficiency and Sound Governance Service Response

14 Areas of Interest Community Policing: Delivering services locally to address those issues which have the most detrimental impact on our communities. Anti-Social Behaviour: Tackling ASB and underlying causal factors to prevent escalation to more serious offending. Violence: Effective policing of the night-time economy, tackling knife crime and gang membership as well as underlying causal factors. Road Deaths and Injuries: Reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads and promoting more responsible road usage. Public Protection: Protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. Serious Organised Crime Groups: Reducing the impact and harm felt across the communities of Scotland as a result of the activities of SOCG.

15 Areas of Interest Ctd Terrorism: Protecting communities from domestic and international terrorism. Natural Hazards and Major Events: Ensuring we have the capability and capacity to plan for major events and respond to unexpected natural crises, major accidents and malicious attacks. Service Reconfiguration: Maintaining quality in the level of service delivery through more collaborative and efficient working practices. Workforce Development: Providing our workforce with the appropriate skills to respond to organisational and environmental change. Information, Science and Technology: Harnessing new technologies and scientific developments for the improvement of processes and service delivery.

16 Areas of Interest Impact of Police Reform; – Public expectations/confidence – Staff motivation – Performance of police service – Efficiencies achieved

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