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Improving outcomes for young people Jamie Callaghan & Fiona Muir Community Justice.

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1 Improving outcomes for young people Jamie Callaghan & Fiona Muir Community Justice

2 Glasgow Community and Safety Services Ltd is an organisation with charitable status which aims to prevent crime, tackle antisocial behaviour and promote community safety. We are jointly owned by Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council. About Us

3 To improve the quality of life in Glasgow’s diverse communities, using innovative solutions and strong partnerships to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour, while supporting residents to take an active role in their communities. Mission Statement

4 Our Services




8 Role of the Greater Glasgow Hub (Covers East Renfrewshire, Greater Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire) SCREENING All crime reports for young people under 18 are screened via Crime Management Screening checks carried out – FPU, Criminal History, Child Protection. Consideration given to type and g r avity of offence, admission of guilt and familial support of police action. OPTIONS Formal Police Warning, EEI or a case to SCRA. EEI Reporting officers are requested to update CR’s with child offender background details plus anything else of importance. Referrals made to Co-ordinator’s queue. Once the MAG referral list is distributed, more in depth screening including intelligence checks, calls logged to offenders home address, reoffending between offence and date of meeting. Attendance at MAG meetings Improving outcomes for young people

9 EARLY AND EFFECTIVE INTERVENTION REFERRAL SOURCE Police Scotland crime Management system, young people 8 - 17 low level of offending INTERVENTIONS Collate referrals from Crime management systems EEI specific queues Screening decisions – Warning Letter, NFA, ESAR refer to Multi Agency Group Decisions made as a result of information obtained from partners at screening using SHANARRI indicators to evidence decision. Improving outcomes for young people

10 MULTI AGENCY GROUPS Glasgow has 3 strategic planning areas / EEI MAG’s replicate this geographic split North West North East South Each area has its own dedicated EEI Coordinator Meetings take place on a fortnightly basis with locality based personnel from partner agencies Improving outcomes for young people

11 MULTI AGENCY APPROACH Glasgow Life – Leisure Facilities throughout the city as well as Youth Work Provision, Community Learning, Joint Interventions Social Work – Further intervention with ongoing cases, home visits to assess risk and needs of young people and their families. Community Safety Glasgow – Coordination of process, facilitation of MAG’s, Mobile Resources, ASB team, links to RSL’s etc. Education – in school processes, partnership programmes, Joint Interventions Community Justice Intervention team (CSG) - Restorative Interventions, Young Persons Alcohol Intervention, One to One, Joint interventions. Health Improvement Team - Anger Management, Youth Counselling, Sexual Health. Glasgow Council on Alcohol Fire & Rescue Scotland - Specific Restorative interventions around fire-raising, RTA’s etc. Third Sector - Barnardo’s Youth Involvement, Fairbridge, YCSA, Y Networks. Improving outcomes for young people

12 QUARTERLY AND ANNUAL TOTALS FOR EEI REFERRALS Improving outcomes for young people Q1Q2Q3Q4Total 2011/2012222190141168721 2012/2013227186156203772 2013/2014299233174

13 CHALLENGES AND DEVELOPMENTS Minimum Standards Awareness raising Police Education Social work Third Sector Young people Involving young people in the process Children and Young Persons Bill Role of the Named person / Lead professional Non term time Non engaging young people 16 / 17 year old not in Education Police VPU System. Improving outcomes for young people

14 CHALLENGES AND DEVELOPMENTS Quarterly meeting between CSG, SCRA and Greater Glasgow Referrals Hub to ensure quality control of cases. Table top exercises Process development Establish a two way referral process with SCRA whereby if a case that is sent to SCRA is to be NFA’d the referral can be made to EEI for screening or discussion at Multi Agency Meeting The introduction of the Vulnerable Persons Database Do EEI Coordinators get access? How will this change internal process? Information Security among partners? Training? Improving outcomes for young people

15 CHALLENGES AND DEVELOPMENTS GIRFEC and Role of the named person How will this impact on EEI processes? How will information be fed to and from named person? How does this two-way information process happen when schools are out of term? Attendance from partners at education would need to be more consistent (Currently pastoral care teacher attend MAG’s if and when they can) Will there be training and/or briefings to inform partners of the procedural changes as a result of the legislation Improving outcomes for young people


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