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Rules Modified for Hilltop High School Physical Education Dr. Butler April 2013 Over The Line.

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1 Rules Modified for Hilltop High School Physical Education Dr. Butler April 2013 Over The Line

2 Over The Line is a popular sport in Southern California

3 History: OTL Over-the –line was first played in Mission Beach, San Diego, California in the 1954. Largely seen as a novelty game but often played in physical education classes in local middle and high schools. The annual “OMBAC World Championship Over the Line Tournament” organized by Old Mission Beach Athletic Club, is a prominent event in the San Diego’s beach sports life.

4 OTL is an international event with 60,000 + fans and spectators

5 Known for a fun atmosphere

6 OTL is played every year on Fiesta Island

7 Description: OTL Modified softball game played with a bat and ball. Traditionally played in sand at Fiesta Island. There is a batter, pitcher and fielders. No running of bases. Focus is on fun and interactivity with other team members.

8 OTL Field: – If the ball is hit in the “Pie” than the player at bat is out. “Pie” Foul Ball Area

9 Rules: OTL Pitcher is on same team as the batter. Batter has (3) chances to hit a ball in fair territory. Boundaries of game are long and narrow. An out is earned when (a) the ball is caught in the air, or (b) batter fails to bat a ball in fair territory within (3) attempts when up to bat.

10 Scoring Rules: OTL 1 – Point for each ball that is batted and lands in fair territory without being caught (dropped balls count as a point). 4 – Points for each ball hit past the last outfielder that lands in fair territory. Fielders crossing “THE LINE” or its extensions when attempting to catch ball

11 Pitching: Own team pitches to the batter

12 A ball that lands in fair territory scores 1 point.

13 Catching the ball in bounds = the batter is out

14 How to score a home run: Score 4 Points For: Any ball hit PAST the last player in fair territory on the fly without the player touching it. The ball only has to go past the player, not necessarily over the player’s head.

15 How to earn an out: a. Three foul balls b. One Strike c. Fly balls caught by fielders d. Ball hitting “THE LINE”, lines that make up the “pie”, or landing in the “pie” e. Batting out of turn f. Not having one foot behind the apex of the triangle

16 When to Rotate Teams At Bat Every team member will have one turn at bat. This means that every at time at bat, every player will either score points for their team, or they won’t. Because every team member will have a turn at bat, there isn’t a strategy in batting order. After every team member has batted, the teams will rotate. Batting team will rotate to outfield, and outfield will rotate to bat. Regulation OTL is more complicated than this. Scoring has been modified for PE classes. See HERE to learn more.HERE

17 Strategy: OTL Offense: Pitch ball softly at waste level of batter (be sure to pitch from the side, out of the way). Offense: Vary batting placement - barely over the line, close to the sidelines, and for distance. Defense: Disperse fielders based on perceived striking ability and aim of each batter.

18 Special Rules for Physical Education If there is an odd number of players, the team with the less # of players may have designated batters from their team to equal the # of at bats. This is called a designated batter, and each time at bat the designated batter will be rotated. If a player can not successfully hit the ball over the line, they may hit the ball off a “tee” (a tall cone will used for our class).

19 Special Rules for Physical Education If the batter does not like the pitch, they can catch it. This does not count against the batter. This may happen a maximum of 2 times. If the batter tries to catch a bad pitch and drops the ball, than this counts as a foul. The pitcher and players waiting turn to bat need to be at least 6 feet away from the batter AT ALL TIMES. If the pitcher or players gets closer than 6 feet to the batter, than this will be recorded as an out. The number of innings will be determined each day by the teacher.

20 Safety Cues: OTL Pitcher stay safe! Stand to the side, 6 feet away from the bat. Don’t throw the bat! People waiting turn to bat stay 6 feet away from batter. Fielders pay attention! Watch not only the for the ball from your team, but for stray balls from other teams.

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