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SLOW PITCH Softball Basic Rules Of Coed.

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1 SLOW PITCH Softball Basic Rules Of Coed

2 The Batter Cannot bunt the ball Cannot throw the bat. (out)
On deck batter must be at least 10 feet away from the batter. Cannot walk if the pitcher hits you with the ball Must hit the ball to get on base. Must hit in boy girl order.

3 The Runner or Baserunner
Cannot lead off the base before the ball is hit. Can leave when the ball is hit or the ball passes home plate-or is played on. Cannot slide on 1st base. Can take one base on any overthrow that goes out of play Cannot overrun past second or third base—only 1st and home. Must touch each base while running. Cannot run out of the baseline to avoid a tag. Must tag the base on all fly balls that are caught. Is out if hit by a batted ball while off base or while running to a base.

4 The Fielders Cannot stand in the baseline, or block a base runner—unless the fielder has the ball. Must tag the runner on all unforced plays Make all the calls and are never wrong. Must NEVER stand on the base while the ball is being pitched As a pitcher, you must arch the ball at least 6 feet high. The batter can still hit the pitch if they want.

5 Safety Do not stand next to the batter—at least 10 feet behind.
Do not throw your bat. Do not slide on first base. Use your mitt to protect yourself. Do not be the pitcher if you are afraid of the ball.

6 Other Info 10 members on a slow pitch team—The extra player is called a Rover—can roam around the field where ever. Getting two outs on one hit is called a double play. Three outs is called a triple play. A foul ball can bounce in bounds, but goes out before a fielder can touch it—between home and third/first. An inning consists of 3 outs from each team.

7 Review How many players are on an official slow pitch team?
What bases can you overrun? What is it called when you get two outs during one play? Can the runner steal a base? Can the batter throw their bat? How high does the arch (rainbow) need to be when you pitch it? Do you have to tag a runner if it is a force play?

8 What is a foul ball? What is a force out? What is an inning? What does the runner have to do until the batter hits the ball? What is an Unforced out? What are at least two safety rules? Describe a play situation that you use as a player on defense that you should share with your teammates before the batter gets up to hit. What is your homework tonight?

9 Have Fun!

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