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Baseball Rules.

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1 Baseball Rules

2 Starting and Ending Game
Rule 4 Starting and Ending Game

3 Rule 4 Field Conditions – Is the field playable? Ground Rules
Home coach has jurisdiction prior to game Umpires have jurisdiction after the game begins Umpires have jurisdiction for second game of DH You should be there early enough to inspect the field Ground Rules Home coach proposes at plate meeting Visiting team must agree Umpire must agree May not supersede any rules book rule

4 Rule 4 Starting the Game - Plate Meeting
Check Equipment (partners stay together) Introductions Pay Cards (if not done at gate) Verify Designated Administrator for the game Receive and verify Home lineup, the Visitor lineup Ask Home skipper to cover ground rules Ask and received verification from head coaches that all players are properly equipped and all equipment is legal IAW the rules (2012 Rule Change – Coach is Restricted/Ejected for use of illegal bat - Rule 4-1-3b) Cover Points of Emphasis Emphasize Good Sportsmanship Home team takes the field

5 Rule 4 How many Players are required per team?
9 players on each team are required to start a game A team may play with 8 players after the game has started Out is called when that spot in the order comes to bat If an offensive player must be substituted after reaching base, the most recent batter not on base may be allowed to run for that player A team may return to 9 players during the game

6 Rule 4 Ending the game A regulation game in 7 innings
May be extended to break a tie May be shortened if: Home team is ahead by 10 runs after 4 ½ or 5 innings

7 Rule 5 Dead Ball Suspension of Play

8 Rule 5 - Dead Ball Illegal Pitch (No Runners on) Pitch touches batter
The pitch is ruled a ball Pitch touches batter Batter awarded 1B (unless no attempt to avoid or pitch is a strike) Pitch touches runner All runners advance one base (unless strike for 3rd out) Illegally batted ball Batter is out, Runners return Intentionally hitting ball a second time Uncaught Foul Runners return to base occupied at time of pitch Interference by Runner or retired Runner Interferer is out, Get 2 on a double play, other Runners return Malicious contact – guilty player is ejected Interference (other than the runner with fielder trying to catch a fly foul ball Batter is out, get 2 if double play was prevented If runner interferes, runner is out, batter remains at bat

9 Rule 5 - Dead Ball Interference by others connected with team
Runner is out, other Runners return Fair ball over fence in flight or prevented by spectator interference or detached player equipment Award all Runners Home Base Fair ball touches a spectator Award or Penalize according to Umpire’s judgment Fair ball bounces over, through or lodges in fence or lodges in players uniform or equipment Award all Runners 2 bases from base occupied at time of pitch Fair ball touches Runner before it touches a fielder or passes any fielder other than the pitcher Hit Runner is out, Batter awarded 1B, Other Runners return to bases occupied at time of interference (unless forced by batter-runner) Fair batted ball touches umpire before it touches an infielder or passes any infielder except the pitcher Batter awarded first base, Runners return to base occupied at time of pitch, unless forced by Batter-Runner

10 Rule 5 - Dead Ball A thrown ball (not by pitcher from plate) goes into bench, stand, through or over the fence Award all Runners two bases A pitch or ball thrown by pitcher from plate goes into bench, stand, through or over the fence, backstop, or touches a spectator (in live ball area) or lodges in umpire’s or catcher’s equipment Award all Runners one base Umpire handles a live ball or calls time Runners return to base they had reached or passed when the ball becomes dead Fair or foul ball is caught by a fielder, who then steps or falls into a dead ball area Award all Runners one base (except when catch is 3rd out) Infielder intentionally drops a fair fly, fair line drive or a fair bunt in flight with at least first base occupied and less than 2 outs Batter is out, Runners return to base occupied at time of pitch Balk All Runners advance one base, Batter-Runner remains at bat

11 Rule 5 - Dead Ball Umpire give “Do not Pitch” signal
No play can take place Award Intentional base on balls Batter awarded first base Batter enters box with illegal bat Batter is out Batter refuses to enter box after being warned by Umpire Strike is called Interference by batter who hits throw from pitcher not in contact with pitcher’s plate when Runner is advancing home With less than two outs, Runner is out, otherwise the Batter is out A batted, pitched or thrown ball touches a designated media area or anyone or anything in or partially in this area Award Runners 2 bases (one base if throw or pitch by pitcher) Defense Malicious Contact Umpire rules safe or out on the play and awards runner(s) appropriate bases per his judgment Defensive player ejected from game

12 Rule 5 - Delayed Dead Ball
Interference by Batter when attempted put-out is on Runner other than at home With 2 out, Batter is out. With less than 2 out and put-out is not made, ball is dead, batter is out and Runner’s return. If on a 3rd strike, Batter is out and Umpire may call a 2nd out Interference by Batter when Runner is advancing to home (other than hitting a throw from Pitcher not in contact with pitcher’s plate) With 2 out, Batter is out With less than 2 out, Runner is out If Runner is put out, ball remains in live Obstruction with Batter by Catcher or Fielder If Batter and all Runners attempting to steal or who are forced do not advance, award each one base

13 Rule 5 - Delayed Dead Ball
Obstruction (Runner) If obstructed Runner and all other Runners hindered by the obstruction do not reach bases they otherwise would have reached, award such Runner or Runners such bases Intentionally touching batted ball with detached player equipment over fair ground, or over foul ground which might become fair ball Award Batter-Runner and Runners 3 bases if not made Intentionally touching thrown ball (including a pitch) with detached player equipment Award Runners 2 bases if not made Offensive Team personnel call “Time” or uses any other command or commits an act for the purpose of trying to cause a balk Runners may not advance, eject offender from game Interference with Catcher by Umpire If Runner is not put out, Runners return

14 Rule 5 - Delayed Dead Ball
Deliberately removing batting helmet in live ball territory while ball is live Team Warning, Subsequent violations result in ejection A Coach physically assists a Runner Involved Batter-Runner or Runner is out. Outs on play stand Other Runners return to bases occupied at time of interference Use of Illegal glove/mitt Award 4 bases for home run over fence Award 3 bases for other fair batted ball Award 2 bases for thrown or pitched ball

15 Rule 5 - Putting Ball in Play
After a Dead Ball, the ball becomes live when: Pitcher has the ball and is on the pitching plate The Catcher is in his box The Batter is in his box THE UMPIRE CALLS “PLAY” AND GIVES THE APPROPRIATE SIGNAL EVERY TIME! NO EXCEPTIONS!

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