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Flag Raising, Lowering, and Folding

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1 Flag Raising, Lowering, and Folding

2 Our national flag is the symbol of our country
Our national flag is the symbol of our country. It shows our unity as a people. It stands for our high ideals and noble heritage. Therefore : When you show respect for the Flag, You also show respect for our country and people. One way to show respect is to handle the Flag properly.

3 Proper Steps in Folding The National Flag
Fold the Flag diagonally in two parts with the red stripe on top and blue portion at the bottom. Fold the flag again diagonally with the red stripe completely covered by the blue stripe. Let the scout holding the end of the blue stripe fold his part of the Flag’s end in a triangular manner.

4 Continue the 3rd procedure until the flag is completely folded.
When carrying the folded Flag to its place, put it on top of hands palms up, palms close to each other with two thumbs clipping the folded Flag. The hand should be at waist level. The Flag should be carried in such way a way that it’s only visible star is shown on top.

5 Flag Folding Picture

6 Tying the Halyard to the Flag Pole
Halyard (or Halliard) is a rope used to hoist and lower the Flag There are different ways in tying the halyard to the flagpole. Usually the flagpole has two hooks for securing the halyard to the flagpole. To start, loop the halyard in a ‘Figure of Eight’ manner around the hooks. Continue looping until the rope is short enough and end it with a slip knot tied around the halyard.

7 Tying the Halyard w/ Hook

8 For flagpole that doesn’t have hooks
First, encircle the rope around the flagpole once and secure this by threading the rope in between the flagpole and the halyard. Next, continue encircling the rope in the opposite direction while going upward. When the ropes is already short enough (this varies according to the diameter of the flagpole), finish with a slip knot tied around the halyard.

9 Tying the Halyard w/no Hook

10 Flag Raising In Scouting, a color bearer and two color guards are usually needed in raising the flag. Color bearer – person who caries the Flag Color guard – the one who raise the Flag and tie the halyard around the flagpole The 1st position, form a triangle with the color bearer at the center while the two color guards are positioned a step backward at each side of the color bearer. COLOR BEARER COLOR GUARD (LEFT) COLOR GUARD (RIGHT)

11 As they march towards the flagpole the two color guards quickly position themselves at both sides of the flagpole facing each other while the color bearer stands in front of the flagpole. If there is an elevated are for the flagpole, all three must step onto the platform. In raising the Flag, the color guard positioned at the left side is the one who pulls the halyard which enables the Flag to be hoisted while the color guard positioned at the right side guides the rope.

12 To hoist, the color guard who pulls the halyard must give it a jerk while the Flag bearer must simultaneously give the Flag a light flip in order to avoid getting the Flag entangled with the halyard. The flag bearer then executes a salute as the national anthem is being sung. The raising of the flag must be done in one quick continuous motion. This symbolized the country’s ability to recover quickly.

13 The color guard to the right is the one who ties the halyard to the flagpole while the color guard to the left stands at attention and wait for the other color guard to finish tying the halyard to the flagpole. Both of them takes one step backward and executes a salute to the flag at the same time. Before leaving the Flag area , the three then forms a single file with the color bearer at the center and the colo9r guards at the side. Note: The Halyard must be tied to the flagpole by the end of the Philippine National Anthem.

14 Colors Position Picture

15 Lowering the Flag Two scout are usually required in lowering the Flag
The scout on the right side pulls the halyard down slowly while the scout on the left guides the halyard. This slow lowering of the Flag signifies that while the country easily improves, it’s hard to put down. The scout on the right side catches the Flag, making sure that no part of it6 touches the ground.

16 The scout on the left side then proceeds to remove the Flag from the halyard and to tie the halyard to the flagpole. The two scouts then fold the flag properly and returns it to their quartermaster.

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