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Selection of Exercises Use Keyboard Arrows to Navigate.

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1 Selection of Exercises Use Keyboard Arrows to Navigate

2 Cat Dips “Dip” down (as you would do in a press up) then push as far forwards and upwards as possible (as the arrow indicates) then reverse back to start position (on to flat feet).

3 Press ups with alt leg raise Do normal press ups but on the “downward” part of the exercise when the body drops down to the floor “raise” one leg into the air as high as possible. Continue raising alternate leg as the press ups are performed

4 Sit ups with 2 “chins” in between Normal sit ups but when the torso is elevated off the floor, the right elbow twists round to touch the left knee and then the left elbow twists round to touch the right knee this is one “ complete sit up”

5 Tri-ceps press With the arms behind the back pressing on to a chair/step taking the weight of the body, with the arms fully extended, “drop” the backside to the floor and then use the arms to press/raise the body back up” to the start position

6 Back Hyper extension Lay prone on the stomach face down and clasp both hands behind the head. The exercise is to raise the chest off the floor as high as possible and “hold” for a period of time. Repeat for number of reps.

7 Chopping knife exercise Stand feet wide apart with one in front of the other and “reverse” (with a jump) feet positions as quickly as possible continuously for number of reps needed.

8 Burpees Place the body in a “press up” position to start. Leaving the hands on the floor, jump forwards with the legs so that the knees touch the outside of the elbows. Do as quickly as possible for amount of reps that are required.

9 Star Jumps Stand upright with hands by the sides and feet together. From this position then jump up in the air lifting the arms above head height as in the above picture and legs apart to make a “star” shape. Continue as quick as possible for number of reps required

10 Cycling Lay flat on the back then lift the legs/hips above the chest into the air supporting the back/hips with the hands and make cycle movements with each leg quickly.

11 Crab`s Lay on the back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place the hands flat on the floor behind the head/shoulders so that the elbows are elevated then press down and “lift” the body off the ground pushing the stomach up as far as possible with the feet going up on to the toes. Hold for a few seconds then lower the body and repeat for number of reps required

12 Sit ups Normal sit ups with bent legs/knees but when the upper body is lifted off the floor (as picture) then the knees are brought up off the floor towards the chin/chest so they touch the chin and then they are lowered back to the floor where the exercise is repeated until number of reps are finished.

13 Scissors Lay on the back with hands behind the head. Elevate the straight legs off the ground and perform a scissors motion with the legs lifting one and lowering the other, alternating, keeping the legs straight at all times.

14 Step ups Quite simply stepping with alternate leg, up and down, off a raised platform/step or box. Almost a running tempo

15 Straddle Jumps With feet placed either side of a form or box/step the exercise is to simply jump onto the form and then back down to the floor again to position as in above picture. This is done continuously until all reps have been achieved.

16 Speed Bounce This needs a flexible obstacle to jump over. With both feet placed on one side of the obstacle the exercise is to jump over the top of it to the other side keeping the upper body facing forward and then back again doing this repeatedly for a set time, ie, 30 seconds. This is a speed exercise to see how many “feet touches” can be counted in the allotted time.

17 Leg Raised Scissors Lay on the back with hands behind the head and then raise both legs keeping them straight. Part the legs wide then bring them back together so that one leg passes over the top of the other leg and then widen them again and repeat so that the alternate leg now passes over the top of the other one imitating a “scissor action”. Usually done for a set “time” period.

18 Air Punching Standing with feet shoulder width apart the exercise is to repeatedly punch the “air” in front of you to full extension of arm alternating left and right as fast as it can be done. It is essential that the upper body does not ”sway” from side to side but keeps rigidly upright when punching.

19 High Knee Jumps Keeping knees together the object is to do “high jumps” on the spot without rest in between them. It is best if two other people hold a “target” rope mid chest height or similar for the exercising athlete to hit with their knees as they jump.

20 Back and Leg Hyper Lifts Lay face down fully extended and place the hands on the back of the head for support. The object of the exercise is to the raise the upper torso and the legs off the floor and “hold” for a set period of time and then lower back down to the floor when the exercise is repeated for the number of target reps..

21 Seated Rowing Sat on the floor the exercise is to do a “rowing” action of the arms and at the same time keep the legs up off the floor and bring them into and then away from the chest in sequence with the action of the arms. Best done for a target “timed” period

22 Crunchies Lay on the back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor placing the fingers of each hand in front of the ears lightly pressing on the temples. The exercise is a “sit up” but only the shoulders and “shoulder blades” are to be raised off the floor with the chin to touch the upper chest as the torso is raised. No pressure should be applied to the sides of the head by the fingers pressing onto it.

23 One Leg Squats Place one leg raised onto a chair or similar and then “squat” down on the supporting leg until the upper leg is or near to 90degrees to the floor. Do for number of needed reps then repeat with the other leg.

24 Full Squats Stand upright with heels together and hands behind the head. Keeping the knees together a full squat “ backside to touch the heels” is performed and then stand back upright. The exercise should be performed slowly and not ballastically to achieve best results for number of target reps.

25 Sit Backs Stood facing a chair/box or similar, place one leg onto the box and then “sit back” going down into a squat position and “hold” for the set target time and then repeat with other leg. alternating left/right leg as exercise proceeds.

26 Walk Downs Standing with the back to a wall the hands are inverted and placed on the wall above shoulder height. The exercise is then to ”walk” the hands down the wall as far as it is possible and then “walk” back up the wall to starting position. This is acute hyper extension and needs to be executed with a “spotter” to help if need be. Not for the novice or inexperienced

27 Hand Walks Start the exercise in the “press up” position. The exercise is to then walk the hands towards the feet so that the backside is raised into the air (see picture above) and finishes in a pose similar to that of when one does a standing touch the toes. The hands are then walked back away from the feet to end in the starting position (press up).

28 Squat Jumps Starting in the sitting squat position (sat on the heels) the exercise is to jump up high off the floor and as the athlete can and land back in the squat position, hold for a few seconds then repeat the exercise. Do as many reps as needed for target set.

29 Heel Flick Jumps Standing upright, the athlete jumps high into the air and “flicks” their heels up to touch their backsides keeping the feet together. This is done quickly and continuously until desired number of reps is achieved.

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