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3 Butt Firefighter pulls out the ladder

4 Firefighter continues to pull the ladder from between the 2nd and 3rd rung
2nd rung 3rd Rung nd Rung

5 2nd Firefighter tells first Firefighter
when the ladder is half way out. Butt Firefighter continues to pull

6 3rd Firefighter takes control of the ladder between the 2nd and
3rd rung at the tip of the ladder. 2nd Rung - 3rd Rung from the Tip

7 Ladder is carried high shoulder
2nd Rung 3rd Rung rd Rung 2nd Rung Butt of Ladder Center of ladder

8 Make sure others know you are carrying a ladder by saying
“Ladder coming through!”

9 Firefighter at butt must make sure it is
safe to throw the ladder by checking for overhead obstructions and saying “Clear above”

10 Butt firefighter instructs the 3rd (the
Firefighter at the tip) to move towards The center by stating - “Tip man to the Center” Both at center

11 Butt Firefighter lowers the ladder to arms length
Butt Firefighter lowers the ladder to arms length. As the firefighter approaches the desired spot, he/she states “raise” FF at the butt lowers the ladder to arms length in preparation for throwing the ladder.

12 2nd and 3rd Firefighters place their hands on the beams as shown to assist in raising the ladder
Hand on the beam

13 Ladder is placed on the ground when
“Ladder” is stated and FF prepares to foot the ladder.

14 Butt Firefighter steps onto rungs with
both feet and also grasps rungs with hands.

15 2nd and 3rd Firefighters push up the
ladder with hands on the beam

16 2nd and 3rd firefighters continue to push
the ladder up until the ladder is vertical, Butt Firefighter steps off to help support the ladder

17 Firefighter on the left (3rd) moves to
the beam to help stabilize the ladder X Ladder is footed as shown

18 2nd Firefighter prepares to raise the ladder, stating
“Fingers and Toes!”-“Extending Fly” Hands Flat on beams All body parts clear of ladder Thumbs Down

19 Ladder is extended to appropriate height,
then Dogs must be check to ensure that they are locked and state “Dogs Locked!”

20 2nd and 3rd Firefighters prepares to lower the
Ladder into the building by placing their Inside foot onto the rung, Butt Firefighter steps backward. 2nd Firefighter states “Lower ladder – Into building” Outside foot Inside foot

21 2nd and 3rd Firefighters, with feet on the
rungs, lower the ladder and count out the last 3 feet as the ladder comes into the building

22 Only move the distance between your feet
One Firefighter looks up while the other looks down as the ladder is step out or in as necessary. Look Up Only move the distance between your feet Look Down

23 2nd Firefighter checks for 4 points of
contact and for proper climbing angle 90 Deg

24 Tie off halyard with Bangor knot

25 5 rungs above the roof Butt Firefighter foots the ladder and does not look up to avoid falling debris

26 Do not look up, falling debris will hit you, and you will not be protected by your helmet.

27 Firefighters step the ladder in to increase the angle. This makes it easer to remove the ladder from the building

28 2nd and 3rd Firefighters place inside foot on the
rung and hands on the rungs. Butt Firefighter places both hands on the beam to push away – “Remove ladder from building” Inside foot

29 Firefighters get the ladder vertical. 2nd Firefighter states “Ladder Vertical!” Firefighter on the left (3rd ) goes to the beam

30 Firefighters foot the ladder

31 2nd Firefighter prepares to lower the
Ladder by grasping the halyard, stating “Fingers and Toes!” “Retracting Fly!” Hands are flat on the beams not wrapped around them. This is done incase the ladder comes down uncontrolled

32 2nd firefighter makes sure Dogs are

33 Butt Firefighter states -
“Lower Ladder” 2nd and 3rd Firefighter makes sure it is safe for the ladder to come down and states - “Ladder coming Down!”

34 Butt Firefighter gets on the bottom
rung to counter balance the ladder

35 Firefighters lower the ladder until they
get to the center, then let ladder rest on their shoulders

36 Butt firefighter steps off ladder and
Positions him/her self on the side of the ladder facing the butt.

37 Butt firefighter stands, lifting the ladder.
Once standing PIVOT under the ladder.

38 2nd and 3rd Firefighters reverse to
direction of travel

39 Tip Man goes to the tip X

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