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SR 50/UCF Connector Alternatives Analysis Orange County Board of County Commissioners January 13, 2015.

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1 SR 50/UCF Connector Alternatives Analysis Orange County Board of County Commissioners January 13, 2015

2  Alternatives Analysis Study funded by Federal Transit Administration (FTA)  Study Area:1 mile of SR 50 between the Lake County line and SR 434, and along SR 434/Alafaya Trail to UCF  Corridor a key regional transportation link  One of the highest ridership corridors in the system  Major east-west feeder for SunRail Purpose and History of Study 2

3 Recommended Mode- Bus Rapid Transit Cleveland Health Line Swift BRT, SeattleGrand Rapids Silver Line Cleveland Health Line 3

4 4 SR 50 Bus Rapid Transit Characteristics Bike racks on buses Free wi-fi Modern buses Curb-level boarding Buses operate in mixed traffic with 10 minute (peak) and 15 minute (off-peak) frequency Transit signal priority and queue jumps Quicker boarding through all doors Enhanced stations with shelters, seating and branding Off-board ticketing Arrival and departure information

5 5 Performance of the Alternatives (Initial Operating Phase from Powers Drive to Goldenrod Road) 5

6 Recommended Alternative Express Bus (between Downtown & UCF Area) 6   BRT Service from Oakland to UCF   Initial Operating Phase (Phase 1)   BRT in Mixed Traffic from Powers Drive to Goldenrod Road   Express Bus Service between Downtown Area and UCF Area (Funded through existing mechanism) Phase 1 6

7 7 343 Survey Respondents 16 Community Events 97% Supports Recommended Alternative Transit Investment   28 Stakeholder Interviews   3 Public Workshops/Open Houses   7 Project Advisory Working Group Meetings   2 Community Liaisons Meeting   9 Neighborhood Meetings   Multiple Agency Coordination Meetings Community Engagement Throughout the Process

8 Why Invest in SR 50 BRT? 8

9 SR 50 BRT is a Cost-Effective Investment 9 Measures Existing (2010) Future No-Build 1 Future BRT Alternative 1 Frequency 15 Min. Peak/ 30 Min Off Peak 15 Min. Peak/ 30 Min. Off Peak 10 Min. Peak/ 15 Min. Off Peak Capital Cost $0.8M $36M Annual Operating Cost (FY 2014$) $9.8M$10.6M (+$0.8M 2 ) $11.8M (+$2 M 2 ) Corridor Ridership (Typical Weekday) 8,50013,70014,300 3 1 Operating costs for future scenarios include SR 50 BRT Initial Operating Phase and Local SR 50 Routes but does not include Express Bus between Downtown & UCF Area. 2 Compared to Existing Conditions Costs, (+$XX) = incremental difference 3 Based on conservative ridership estimates based on 2010 on-board survey data

10 10 Average Travel Time Savings Compared to Base Year (2010) Per Weekday Trip7 minutes Per Peak Trip6 minutes Per Off-Peak Trip7 minutes SR 50 will improve Quality of Service for Existing Transit Riders

11 Of approximately 130,000 jobs on the corridor, less than 10% are filled by corridor residents Source: US Census Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics, 2010 Live & Work in Corridor 187,200 Working Population (workers who live, who live & work, and who commute into the corridor to work) 13% of Metro Orlando Jobs SR 50 BRT will Serve Jobs 9% of Metro Orlando Population Commuting into Corridor to Work Leaving Corridor to Work 117,539 56,796 12,832 11

12 SR 50 BRT will be a Key Feeder for SunRail 12 Investment in SR 50 Increases Access to SunRail Jobs by 150%

13 117,539 $2.8B in Public & Private Investment SR 50 BRT will Support Economic Development $2.3B Proposed Development 13 13 Station Areas (in Phase 1) to anchor Future TODs

14 SR 50 BRT will Connect to Jobs and Education 100,000 Higher Education Students 7th Largest Research Park (10,000 Jobs) Provides Desired Transportation Choices for Millennials Of SR 50 Transit Riders, 48% are Transit-dependent 14

15 Next Steps 15   Presentation to LYNX and MetroPlan Orlando Boards for Approval and Adoption of the Locally Preferred Alternative 15

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