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Blueprint for Transportation Excellence Downtown CAG January 16, 2014.

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1 Blueprint for Transportation Excellence Downtown CAG January 16, 2014

2 On Time Performance (OTTO) Alternative Fuels Operations Real Time Information Transit Signal Priority Skyway Technology Assessment Technology Route Restructuring Bus Rapid Transit Bus Stop Assessment Skyway System Plan System Planning and Development Commuter Service Park-n-Ride Commuter Rail Jacksonville Transportation Center Regional Partnerships and Planning Transit Blueprint Projects Transit Excellence Regional Transportation Commission

3 Route Restructure A holistic review of the transit system route structure and operations Thorough data collection and analysis Peer analysis Route analyses Financial and operational reviews Extensive public and stakeholder input

4 Citizen Advisory Groups Stakeholder Meetings Community Survey Customer Satisfaction Surveys Constant Customer Relations and Social Media Operator Input Origin and Destination Survey 2010 Census Community Input and Data Sources

5 Takes too long to get across town Why do I have to go downtown to get anywhere? Doesnt go where Im going Service should run later Would like to see service connect to entertainment centers Inconvenient to transfer and costs more Service is too infrequent System is confusing Wish could see when next bus is coming on my phone Bus is late often My bus is too crowded Buses look empty

6 Geographic/Development Challenges Low population and employment density Existing Route Structure Developed in 1980s Major changes in development pattern over last 30 years System/Resources Spread Out Long routes with fewer transfers Headways too high (low service frequency) Too many stops Centralized, Radial Service Few Choice Riders Desired Improvements Require Overhaul of Route Structure Efficiencies have been realized in recent years Observations



9 Opportunities Provide more direct routes Coordinate route structure with BRT implementation Reduce overlapping service Fewer stops but more amenities (i.e., shelters) Bus Stop Assessment and Improvement Plan Improve service frequency/hours of service on key corridors Provide true express service with Park-n-Ride facilities Better connect with emerging population, employment and activity centers Make system easier to use Clarify route names Real time information

10 Bus Rapid Transit Branded Buses 10-15 Minute Bus Frequency Branded Transit Stations Intersection Improvements Real Time Information Transit Lanes Park-n-Ride Lots Feeder Bus Service

11 Key Questions/Issues Allocation/Competition for Resources Service Quality vs. Coverage Decisions Based on System-wide Performance or Individual Demand Niche Markets Public Expectations Speed of Implementation Funding

12 Route Restructure – Schedule Data collection / analysis – Current (complete by Dec.) Draft framework for changes - January Draft Route Restructure – March JTA Board Adopts Restructure Plan– May Initial set of service changes – June Larger set of service changes – Sept./Oct. and Dec.* *80% of service changes complete in 2014

13 Contact Information: Carl Weckenmann (904) 633-8510 Questions/Comments

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