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A Night To Remember By Walter Lord

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1 A Night To Remember By Walter Lord
Period 1 Project Options

2 Reenactment of a Scene - Create a reenactment for an important scene
- Every person in the group will portray a character - At least two props are needed( Extra Credit for dressing up) - Come up with a script - Each person will have to have a minimum of four lines In the script, use at least ten Vocabulary workshop words - Along with this, you will create a well written, short summary - The summary has to be eight-ten paragraphs long and contain a minimum of three Vocabulary words. Make sure to use sensory details, descriptive language, and transition words

3 Check List for Scene Reenactment
Scoring Check List Title Page should include...     Title of Book (5 points)     Author of Book (4 points)     Title of Scene- chapter that is located in (5 points)     Names of Group Members (3 points) Script should...     At least 4 lines per character (8 points)     Each member is a Character (5 points)     be typed in a legible font (3 points)     be double-spaced in 12 point font (3 points) Include 10 vocabulary words (2 points)     Name who is what character on a separate page (5 points)

4 Cont. Check list for Reenactment
Reenactment should...     include at least two props (5 points)     give some kind of information (6 points)     include loud voices for the audience to hear (4 points) Quick Summary should include..     an opening and closing sentence (6 points) 3 vocabulary words (2 points)     why you chose this scene (8 points)     author and title of the book (4 points)     genre of the book (3 points)     the chapter and or pages you based your reenactment off of (5 points)     explain what is going on in the scene (8 points)     state whether or not the scene is important and explain why or why not (6 points) Extra Credit- for dressing up somewhat for the role of your character (points- based on your opinion)

5 Titanic Musical A Titanic Musical Checklist: At least three songs (15)
Must have detailed script including characters, dialogue, setting, etc. (15) At least five minutes long (5) At least 2-3 props (6) At least one vocabulary workshop word (2) Show do not tell (8) Based on true events (10) Include true characters (5) Spelling/grammar (3) Accurate facts (13) Title in quotes (10) Must show emotion/enthusiasm (5) Everyone must participate more than once (3)

6 Steps to the Musical Step 1: Meet with your group and decide the topic for the musical Step 2: Brainstorm ideas using your novel Step 3: Write your songs for the musical Step 4: Write the script and make sure each group member has EQUAL participation Step 5: Place your songs into the script where they fit (if they do not fit do not force them to fit) Step 6: Read over the script Step 7: Make any necessary changes to the script and songs Step 8: Think of props to help show and not tell (see checklist) Step 9: Rehearse the musical to perform it to the best of your ability

7 Timeline The Timeline should have a minimum of 10 events and should be listed in chronological order It should be completed on the computer. All take home assignments need to be typed. Each event should have a one paragraph description (Topic Sentences, Sensory Details, Figurative Language, Supporting Details, closing sentences, etc.) Include vocabulary workshop words in each description (Total of 10 words) Each event should have a picture that is at least three to five inches long…NO STICK FIGURES The events you chose should have specific times and locations. You also must include three important quotes from the book. Checklist 10 Events-25 Points (In chronological order-5 Points) Paragraphs Describing Each Event-50 Points Use of Vocabulary Workshop Words-5 Points Three Important Quotes-5 Points Pictures-5 Points Typed and completed on a Computer-5 Points

8 Journal Entry journal entry. For this entry, the group of students must create a journal entry as a first, second, or third class passenger of the Titanic. The topic of the entry can be about any event which occurred on the Titanic (any turning point or climax). The entry must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Five paragraphs would be very exceptional and allows a higher grade. The entry must include what was happening, how you felt, what you were thinking, who was with you, where you were, what time it was, and must include factual evidence from the story which indicates that you read the story.

9 Specific Details for Journal Entry
The group of students must create 3 journal entrées as a first, second, or third class passenger of the Titanic Each entrée must have its own topic, before the crash, during the crash, and after the crash The entry must be a minimum of 3 pages, with five paragraphs per page The entry must include what was happening, how you felt, what you were thinking, who was with you, where you were, what time it was, and must include factual evidence from the story which indicates that you read the story.

10 Illustration draw a picture
1. draw a picture of a major scene of the nonfiction novel A Night To Remember- Walter Lord 2. make sure to color the the picture fully leaving no white spots 3. write a paragraph with at least 7 sentences explaining your picture

11 Titanic Play Write a script describing what each class was going through during the tragic Titanic sinking. Act out each class with vivid description and their emotions through your dramatic play. Include stage directions and vocabulary words. CHECKLIST 1. Descriptive language - 15 pts 2. Vocabulary Workshop - 10 pts 3. Setting and plot - 10 pts 4. Accurate information - 20 pts 5. Vivid description of all events - 15 pts 6. Proper grammar - 5 pts 7. Correct spelling - 5 pts 8. All information is present - 10 pts 9. Volume, eye contact, and focus during performance - 10 pts

12 Comic Strip A comic that must have at least eight illustrations of the events that happened on the titanic with well written summaries that are at least five sentences and quotes from the novel. And explanations of the event. Neatly drawn and colored. Must be in order and have to make sense. Need to use a minimum of 10 vocabulary words

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