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Everything you need to know but may be afraid to ask!

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1 Everything you need to know but may be afraid to ask!

2 Why do journals? Writing often is good practice! The more you do the better you get! Writing is a good avenue for reflection on your thoughts or what you’ve learned. Writing builds stamina for thinking and writing “on the spot”.

3 Required for Journals Composition book with “hard” cover 4 entries per week (any days) Title and date on each entry Proper English Bring each day to class! Write in INK!

4 Journal Details I look for “big picture”. I don’t read for content. Each journal worth 2 points. (2 x 4 per week = 8 points per week) I check every 2 weeks. (16 points) Most entry topics your choice!

5 Self-Selected Reading- “SSR” Why do independent reading? Reading builds vocabulary skills. Reading builds thinking/reasoning skills. Reading builds test performance. Reading is a great escape, especially when YOU get to choose the book!

6 Required for SSR Fiction or non-fiction book AT YOUR LEVEL! Register your book ASAP! Bring to class everyday! Read at least 30 minutes each day! 10-word vocabulary task. Summary/Review of book.

7 How will SSR be graded? Your SSR grade will be based on: Successful completion of summary/review/vocabulary tasks Number of pages read per grading period Book checks in class

8 Page Count Goals Per Grading Period - Grade Level Classes: 250+ pages = 100% Honors Level Classes: 350+ pages = 100%

9 Extra Long Book? Up to 110% given if your page count for the grading period is over the page goal. Be sure you can get through that long book within the grading period. No credit given for books not completely finished!

10 What if I finish my book early? If you reach your page goal early, you may read ahead for the next grading period, but..... YOU MUST CONTINUE TO BRING YOUR REGISTERED SSR BOOK TO CLASS DAILY FOR BOOK CHECKS!

11 Can I read a “movie” book? Once a semester (one out of three grading periods per semester), you may choose a book that has been made into a movie. You must also complete a one-page comparison of the book to the movie IN ADDITION TO the summary/review/vocab. task.

12 Where do I get my book? SEMS library Class library Home library Bookstore Friend (don’t share same book at the same time!) Other source

13 What types of books...? You may read any fiction or non- fiction books, but they must be either novels or “chapter books” and CAN’T be: Magazines Collections of Short Stories/Poems Comic Books/Picture Books

14 Important SSR Details... SSR is 20% of your grade Missing book checks (“I forgot it at home”) equals NO POINTS that day! No Late Work! Stay on top of due dates! Don’t procrastinate!

15 Here’s a good trick... When trying to figure out just HOW many pages to read each day to be sure you finish on time: # of pages in book ÷ # of weeks you have left until due date. That’s # of pages you need to read each week! EX: 250 ÷ 5 weeks = 50 pages a week

16 Summary/Review Task Three Paragraphs: Introduction of setting, characters, problem Body (summary of plot) Conclusion (Review of book) *See my website under documents for great example!

17 Vocabulary Task Find 10 enriching words while you’re reading the book, and include for each word: Word and page # Definition (in your own words) Sentence with word underlined (original or from text in quotes) *See website for example!

18 Don’t Plagiarize! If you plan ahead and finish your reading in time, you won’t panic and do something you’ll regret! DON’T go online and try to pass off someone else’s work as your own! Plagiarism is cheating and will mean a zero, a lowered grade, and U in citizenship! DON’T DO IT! 

19 You’re almost done... Remember to follow directions exactly on written tasks! Turn in written work ASAP after finishing book! Keep track of due dates for end of grading period! Register new book ASAP!

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