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“Soccer Song”. ashamed If you are ashamed, you feel bad about having done something wrong.

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1 “Soccer Song”

2 ashamed If you are ashamed, you feel bad about having done something wrong.

3 ashamed Mouse felt ashamed when he kept dropping the ball. I would be ashamed if I acted like the other animals and picked on Mouse. What would make you ashamed- being nice to someone or being mean to someone?

4 ashamed Would you feel ashamed if you were rude to a friend? Why or why not? Would you feel ashamed if you fell off your bike? Why or why not? Tell about something you are NOT ashamed about but that instead makes you feel proud.

5 mused If you mused about something, you were thinking about it.

6 mused Mouse mused about Mother Earth’s suggestion. I would muse about making an important decision. What would you muse about- choosing a gift for a family member or deciding what snack to have?

7 mused Would you muse about how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Why or why not? What are some things you would muse about? When you muse, would you like to be quiet and alone or in a noisy place full of people? Explain.

8 soared If you soared, you flew very high into the air.

9 soared Mouse soared high in the air to catch the ball. Birds can soar high in the sky. Which do you think can soar higher- a jet plane or a kite?

10 soared What are some animals that can soar in the sky? How have people soared in the sky? Imagine that you are a bird. Tell about some places that you have soared.

11 athletic An athletic person is active, strong and able to play sports well.

12 athletic Jill was athletic because she was strong and could play baseball and soccer well. Would you be able to tell if a person is athletic if he or she ran fast or drew a nice picture?

13 athletic I will name some activities and if the activities are things that are athletic, raise both hands. If not, sit like a statue. take a walk swim watch TV run read a book eat a cookie swing play tag play on the computer

14 awkward If you are awkward, you move in a clumsy, rough way.

15 awkward Jill was awkward when she tried to use her legs and feet to play soccer. She couldn’t make the ball go where she wanted it to go. Would an awkward person accidentally bump into a chair or walk around it?

16 awkward I will name some activities and if you think they would feel awkward doing them, nod your head to signal yes. eating lunch walking blindfolded walking a large dog making the bed riding a horse talking to a friend carrying a big chair waving to friends

17 superb If something is superb, it is the best it can be, or excellent.

18 superb Jill made a superb catch when she jumped up and caught Fran’s ball in midair. Would a superb runner be more likely to win a race or lose a race?

19 superb I will name some things, and if you think a thing is superb, give a “thumbs-up” sign. pizza watching favorite cartoons spinach a birthday party picking up toys going shopping winning a race yard work

20 Let’s recap… and review what we learned.

21 Fill in the blanks with the correct word. awkward athletic ashamed My friend was ____________ when he tried to carry the large box to the table. I could see that he was __________ by the way he kicked the ball so well on the soccer field.

22 ashamed mused soared Jill ___________ about the way she missed kicking the ball during the game. You were so happy when the ball _________ into the net and your team scored a goal!

23 superb athletic ashamed The children were ____________ by the way they acted when they lost the game. At the next game, the children showed ___________ manners by cheering for everyone.

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