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“On Saturday”. asserted If you asserted something, you said in a strong way what you believe.

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1 “On Saturday”

2 asserted If you asserted something, you said in a strong way what you believe.

3 asserted Each friend asserted that he was right about the coat. Would you assert that you kind of like ice cream or that you love ice cream?

4 asserted What is your favorite book? Assert your opinion that everyone should read it because it is so good. You want to make your bedtime 10 minutes later. How would you assert that this is a good idea?

5 offended If you feel offended, you feel hurt or upset by something someone did or said.

6 offended One friend was offended by the argument. Would you be offended if someone yelled at you or smiled at you?

7 offended If I gave you an award for good behavior, would you feel offended? Why? What could you do to help a friend you have offended? What are some things that might offend you?

8 retorted If you retorted, you replied in an angry way to something someone else said.

9 retorted The man retorted in anger when his friend accused him of playing games. What would make you retort in anger- hearing a funny joke or hearing mean words?

10 retorted Help me complete these sentences with said or retorted: “I think I am much smarter than you,” ____ Amy. “I think you’re wrong,” _____Jack. Your friend just said he is going to beat you at your favorite game. What might you retort? When someone retorts, does the person speak in a nice way or an upset way? Explain.

11 congenial A congenial person is very nice and friendly.

12 congenial The neighbors are friendly and congenial. Would you be congenial to your friends if you shared your toys with them or if you told them that you didn’t want to talk to them?

13 congenial I will say something a congenial person might say, and you should respond, “You are so congenial!” You are such a big help! I do not like anyone here. I am so glad I got to meet you. Take the best piece of cake. I’ll have this one.

14 congregate When people congregate at a place, they gather there and spend time there.

15 congregate People congregate at the farmer’s market. Do you and your friends congregate on the playground or at the doctor’s office?

16 congregate You should say “People congregate there” if I name a place that is a good place for people to gather. schoolrestaurantcloset in a carplaygroundbeach gym bedroomparty

17 cheerful When you are happy and smiling, people say you are cheerful.

18 cheerful The farmer is cheerful when he says, “See you next Saturday!” Would you be cheerful if you laughed a lot or if you frowned all of the time?

19 cheerful You should say “I feel cheerful!” if I say something that would make you happy. Today is your birthday. I broke your favorite toy. We have a lot of work to do. We are going on a field trip. You have brand-new shoes. You get to go to the fair.

20 Let’s recap… and review what we learned.

21 Fill in the blanks with the correct word. cheerful asserted congregate Everyday after lunch the children ______________ on the playground. Mom ____________ that eating our vegetables would help us grow big and strong.

22 retorted cheerful congenial The boy was ____________ when spoke to his friends about his trip to the park with his family. His friend ___________ in anger when Jake didn’t share the toys with him.

23 congenial offended asserted Jane was ___________ when her sister said she was not allowed to play with everyone. Dad was ________________ to the new neighbors.

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