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ShoreTel Call Center Adapter March 12, 2007

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1 ShoreTel Call Center Adapter March 12, 2007
Hello and welcome. The objective of today’s presentation is to introduce our company <partner name>, give you an overview of ShoreTel as well as examine the different architectural approaches to VoIP. Let me first introduce myself <sell yourself first>. I represent <partner name> <sell your company second include the story why your company choose to pick up the ShoreTel product line>. Now let me introduce ShoreTel <sell the product third> . . .

2 ShoreTel Call Center Adapter
Call Center features Powerful voice and data convergence = + Adapter The ShoreTel Call Center Adapter acts as an intermediary between the ShoreTel system and the call center feature set.

3 Embedded Call Control Capabilities
Improve workflow by associating salesforce records with a call, add comments to user records then transfer call or conference with another agent Customize screen layout for preferences and workflow Monitor and adjust workgroup agent status Make and take ShoreTel calls

4 Outbound Click to Call Make calls directly from the account records by clicking any hyperlinked or annotated phone number field.

5 ShoreTel Workgroup Integration
The “call center state” area shows the current agent status and allows an agent to change it: From any state, the agent can change his state to "Not Ready for Calls" to prevent future workgroup calls. This might be used, for example, by an agent before he takes a break. From "Wrap Up", the agent can change his state to "Ready for Calls" if he concludes his wrap up early before the automatic timeout. - From "Not Ready for Calls", the agent can change his state to "Ready for Calls" to start accepting workgroup calls.

6 ShoreTel’s Long Term Application Strategy
ShoreTel is committed to application development: ShoreTel continues to make enhancements to existing applications to enable customers to take full advantage of enhanced functionality, interfaces and feature sets. Built into the ShoreTel Call Center Adapter are features intended to ease future integration with other applications. These features are available to be used by programmers developing custom solutions using the ShoreTel COM or TAPI SDK available through the ShoreTel Developer Network. In addition, ShoreTel can use these features to develop custom software for customers to further automate interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distribution (ACD), based on the customer’s work flow and preferences.

7 Benefits Summary Handle all communications functions from a single application Use the convergence of voice and data to enhance productivity, shorten response times, improve operations and increase customer loyalty Manage time more effectively by centralizing operational procedures Collaborate with other agents by associating and sending call notes in real time Specify personal settings and customize screen page layouts

8 How to Order Any Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Edition customer has the option to activate the call center features at no additional cost. Contact your representative. The ShoreTel Call Center Adapter is only available through ShoreTel resellers, for a one time fee of $165 per client seat. Organizations that currently have a ShoreTel Integration license can upgrade to the new Call Center Adapter offering for a one time fee of $50 per client seat.

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