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Sales Guide of DCS-6815(18X) DCS-6817(30X) DCS-6818(36X) High Speed Dome Network Camera.

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1 Sales Guide of DCS-6815(18X) DCS-6817(30X) DCS-6818(36X) High Speed Dome Network Camera

2 2 o Contents  Product Competition Overview Positioning Highlights Selling Point Technology Briefing Target Market  Product Roadmap  Product Application Guide Optional Accessories  Competitive & Comparative Analysis Competitors Analysis Key Comparison

3 3  Excellent image quality DCS-6815/DCS-6817/DCS-6818 are equipped with Sony Ex-View High quality CCD sensor and ICR module for night surveillance. With WDR and auto iris lens this camera can be used for applications or environments with varying light conditions.  Variable Speed, Fast Patrol Speed By Zoom - Pan & Tilt proportional to Zoom Ratio - A special feature enabling users to view an object more precisely, the speed of pan and tilt will be slower as the camera zoom in. Preset Speed - Up to 400°/sec with motor accuracy of 0.225° - Enhanced fast and accurate object tracking capability and user friendly operation o Positioning Highlights

4 4  Excellent PTZ Mechatronics design DCS-6815/DCS-6817/DCS-6818 also equipped high magnification optical zoom lens and high speed motor for pan and tilt.  Outdoor integrated DCS-6815/DCS-6817/DCS-6818 designed weather proof vandal housing which meet IP 66 international standards and can withstand the toughest environment. Additionally, with built-in heater and fan, the DCS-6815/DCS- 6817/DCS-6818 are capable of operating at temperature ranging from -40°C to 50°C making those the best choice for extreme weathers. o Positioning Highlights

5 5  Automatic Tracking Features 256 Preset Points Memorize a specific locations for quick and convenient operation. 8 Sequences Switch among a set of preset points, and display the image in sequence. 4 Auto-Pan Track (determined by computer calculation) between two preset points. 4 Cruises User doesn’t need to set any preset points. Camera will memorize the track. (beware of the memory space ) o Positioning Highlights

6 Sony Ex-View 1/4” CCD sensor 540 TVL high resolution WDR / BLC for critical light source Excellent Image quality and Low light performance Built-in removable IR-cut filter for day/night surveillance DCS-6815 : 18X optical zoom & 12X digital zoom Focal length 3.4~61.2 mm Angle of View (Horizontal) : 3.6° ~ 60.8° DCS-6817 : 30X optical zoom & 12X digital zoom Focal length 3.4~102 mm Angle of View (Horizontal) : 2.2° ~ 60.8° DCS-6818 : 36X optical zoom & 12X digital zoom Focal length 3.4~122.4 mm Angle of View (Horizontal) : 1.8° ~ 60.8 IPv6 o Selling points – Sensor module 6

7 Speed By Zoom Pan 360° Endless Tilt angle range from -10º to +190º Pan/Tilt motor accuracy of 0.225° Preset speed up to 400°/sec 256 x Preset Position 4 x AutoPan 8 x Sequence 4 x Cruise Auto 180 ° Digital Image and Mechanical Flip Function Privacy Mask feature IPv6 o Selling points – PTZ module 7

8 Real-time MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG compression IP 66 Weather resistant housing for outdoor Built-in heater and fan for -40°C ~ 50°C (-49°F ~ 122°F) operation temperature for extreme weathers. Vandal proof hosing 8 alarm input / 1 alarm output Flexible Installations IPv6 o Selling points - Others 8

9 9  18X, 30X, 36X Optical Zoom & 12 Digital Zoom o Technology Brief DCS-6815 18X DCS-6817 30X DCS-6818 36X

10 10  Auto 180 ° Digital Image and Mechanical Flip Function Fast, Convenient, non-stop tracking Reduce wear and tear as compared to traditional mechanical flip technology Flip function enables users to track an object continuously when it passes through under dome camera. o Technology Brief

11 11  Broaden Tilt Range Tilt angle range from -10º to +190º o Technology Brief -10 o ~ 190 o Most cameras won’t be able to see beyond the True Horizon when zooming in. See More True Horizon

12 12  WDR for high contrast light source environment The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function of a camera is intended to provide clear images even under back light circumstances where intensity of illumination can vary excessively. WDR cameras are usually recommended for situations where light enters a premise from various angles such as a multi-window room. A camera placed on the inside of the room will be able to see through the intense sunlight or artificial light coming in. If an indoor security camera is pointed towards a window or an entrance door, you will see the background washed out during daytime. This is very common situation in restaurants and stores which have big glass windows. o Technology Brief

13 13  Backlight Compensation ( BLC ) BLC indicates the image sensor's ability to automatically adjust in conditions, where lighting behind the camera, to deliver the sharpest and highest quality video image. When Camera with WDR activated, the BLC function will turn off automatically. o Technology Brief

14 14  WDR performance is better then BLC Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Technology uses two shutter speeds in alternative video fields, high and normal, and combines these two fields into one frame. It allows every detail to be captured accurately even if one portion is bright while other portions are dark. As a result, combined fields yield a frame of high quality images. Below is a comparison of camera technologies with its video images of Regular, Backlight Compensation (BLC), and Wide Dynamic Range. o Technology Brief

15 15 Privacy Mask for personal secret Privacy Mask feature allows you to block out certain sensitive zones for privacy. You can set up to five privacy mask windows in the same screen. Privacy masks will appear on all video streams and recording videos and will overlap with motion detection windows. As seen in the figure below, the masked area does not detect any motion. o Technology Brief

16 16 o Target Market  DCS-6815/DCS-6817/DCS-6818 are ideal for Versatile Applications in Various Environments Indoor : supermarkets, gyms, airports, stations, casinos, hotels, buildings … Outdoor : warehouse, streets, parks, amusement parks, beaches, schools, stations …. Weather Resistant Housing International IP 66 Standard Built-in Heater and Fan Under -7 °C, the heater will turn on automatically. Over +3 °C, the heater will turn off automatically. Fan run all the time while plugging in. Sunshield Housing Solve harsh weather issues and ensure performance. Vandal Proof Cover Protect the dome from violations

17 17 o Application

18 18 o Optional Accessories  Flexible Installations Support various mounting and accessories  IMPORTANT INFORMATION DCS-681x Standard package don’t included mounting accessories.

19 19  IMPORTANT INFORMATION DCS-681x Standard package don’t included DCS-80-5/DCS-80-6 o Optional Accessories

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