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According to the Texas Long-Range Technology Plan, every school should comply with the NCLF act, and integrate technology infrastructure such as audio,

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2 According to the Texas Long-Range Technology Plan, every school should comply with the NCLF act, and integrate technology infrastructure such as audio, video, data, connectivity, and a safe and secure network that allows every member of the school community to access such resources and information. ( )

3 To educate our youth to achieve their potential by providing a safe and challenging environment where standards are high and learning is the priority. Our goal is Providing a challenging curriculum with effective programs, meeting the learning needs of, and providing equitable opportunities for all students; Teachers teaching effectively and students learning to reach their full potential; Access to modern technology throughout the district and community; Updated, well-maintained facilities that meet the needs of the district; Involved all segments of our community in supporting our schools; A safe and orderly environment; and Acquired partnerships and alterative funding in support of our schools. ( )

4 Our mission as a campus is to provide a setting where children can grow in all five developmental areas (social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative) in a way that gives opportunities for parent training and assistance, fosters enthusiasm for a developmental appropriate program, makes use of a broad range of community services, and gets involved with local, state and national organizations that make policies affecting early childhood education. As well as help teachers integrate technology into their teaching and the students' learning as supported by STaR Chart data and the district's technology plan. Our goal is to have children develop successfully in a multi- cultural program proudly supported by parents, educators and the community. ( )

5  Strengthen leadership.  Consider innovative budgeting.  Improve teacher training.  Support e-learning and virtual schools.  Encourage broadband access.  Move toward digital content.  Integrate data systems. ( pdf)

6 1. Provide support for the integration of technology to assist teachers in fostering greater levels of interest, inquiry, analysis, collaboration, creativity, and content production. 2. Provide support for educators as they continue to gain technology competencies to ensure that they have the skills and ability to maximize new and robust information and communication technologies targeted to learning.

7 3. Provide support for administrators as they strive to understand and illuminate the possibilities that technology brings to education, model the use of technology as an integral part of their professional activities, and take a leadership role in assuring others do as well. 4. Provide and support a 21st Century infrastructure that is safe and secure, flexible, scalable, reliable and allows easy access to tools that will allow students and teachers to access online information and materials, do collaborative work, and broadly share resources. (

8 Yes, we are working at a slow pace to make sure that all of the objectives and goals of our plan are being met. An example of how our teachers are integrating technology in the classroom and how is technology linked and aligned to curriculum is shown on the following videos.

9 Scenario: A teacher explaining how to perform an addition and how to count the objects to get a result, utilizing traditional and technology resources.

10 Scenario: A teacher utilizing more technology resources to extend lesson, and reinforce what has been taught.

11 Scenario: Students working with manipulatives to help their counting, and choosing the right answer in a Math computer game that makes them practice what they just learned about addition.

12 Our school district is investing a total amount of $ 6,395,959.00 for telecommunications, materials, equipment, maintenance, and staff development for the current school year. The Technology department is in charge of the purchase of infrastructure, as well as the technical and professional support to our teachers and staff. A district committee takes care of all the decisions made in regards of infrastructure and staff development, and also, the evaluation of the actions taken to meet the goals and objectives of the 2007-2010 technology plan.

13 The most important ingredient in our integration of technology into our classrooms, so we can provide our students a 21 st century education, is our Technology Plan. If we stick to it and try to meet our goals, staff time will be used efficiently, and money or equipment will not be wasted. ( ) A shared vision of educators, parents, community members, and leaders with technological expertise are the key to ensure that technology strengthens curriculum and supports meaningful, engaged learning for all students regardless of their race, abilities, and socioeconomic background. ( te300.htm )

14  Texas Education Agency (TEA), 2006, Long-Range Plan for Technology 2006-2020 (online), 2/07/10, pdf  Bryan Independent School District, 2001, District mission and goals (online), 2/8/10,  Carver Early Childhood Center, 2009, Campus mission and goals (online), 2/8/10,  U.S. Department of Education, 2004, A new golden age in American education (online), 2/07/10, /plan.pdf

15  Bryan Independent School District, 2007, Technology Plan 2007- 2010 (online), 2/8/10,  Techsoup, 2009, Technology planning(online), 2/12/10,  Learning point associates, 1996, Developing a district/school plan(online), 2/12/10, ( 0.htm

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