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Story retold by Bev Evans

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1 Story retold by Bev Evans
The Magic Porridge Pot Story retold by Bev Evans

2 Once upon a time there was a little girl who went for a walk in the forest.
The little girl met a kind old woman who gave her a magic porridge pot.

3 The old woman showed the little girl what the pot could do.
The porridge started to bubble in the little porridge pot. When the magic porridge pot was full of hot, creamy porridge the old lady said, “Stop, little pot, Stop.” “Cook, little pot, cook!” she said.

4 The little girl could hardly believe her eyes!
The little girl took the magic porridge pot home and told her mother all about it. The magic porridge pot stopped making porridge.

5 Her mother was really excited.
As soon as her daughter had gone out to play, she got the magic porridge pot out of the cupboard. “Cook, little pot, cook.” said the little girl’s mother. She couldn’t wait to try it.

6 The little pot kept cooking……
After eating a bowl of creamy porridge the little girl’s mum sat in her chair and fell asleep. The little pot kept cooking…… …and cooking… …and cooking. She had forgotten all about the porridge pot!

7 Soon the whole town was full of porridge!
“Oh, my goodness!” exclaimed the little girl. She ran home and shouted, “Stop, little pot, stop!” The little girl was just coming home.

8 The magic porridge pot finally stopped cooking!
And everyone in the town had porridge for breakfast, dinner and tea for a whole month.

9 The End Story retold by Bev Evans
Images by David Pace ©Ladybird books

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