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The Princess and the Frog

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1 The Princess and the Frog
Story retold by Bev Evans

2 She loved to play in the palace grounds with her golden ball.
Once upon a time there was a king who had seven daughters. All of them were very beautiful, but the one who was the most beautiful was the youngest daughter.

3 One day, the Princess was playing ball by a stream in the forest.
She threw the ball up and down, catching it every time. Then, all of a sudden – SPLASH! – the Princess dropped the ball. The Princess was very upset.

4 The princess was so upset that she began to cry.
“I can fetch your golden ball, just as long as you promise me something in return,” said the frog. Then she noticed a frog sitting beside her.

5 Without waiting to hear what the frog wanted the princess agreed.
…up he popped with the golden ball! The frog jumped down into the water. He was down there for a long time when… The princess could not thank him enough!

6 “Thank you, frog!” she cried, “Now what can I do for you?”
The Princess did not like that idea at all! She didn’t want the frog living in her beautiful palace, so she ran back home. “I want you to promise that you will look after me in the palace and be my best friend,” replied the frog.

7 She did not realise that the frog was following her all the way back to the palace.
The Princess ran into the palace and shut the door, but the frog sat outside the door, croaking loudly until she let him in.

8 The King wanted to know what was going on.
The King told her she must carry out her promise, and he let the frog in. The Princess told her father what had happened.

9 Her father, however, said she must carry out her promise.
The frog stayed with the princess all day, even though she was not very nice to him! The Princess got very upset.

10 Eventually, it was time for bed.
As the Princess placed the frog on her pillow he transformed into a handsome prince! The Princess reluctantly carried the frog to her beautiful bedroom. Then something magical happened!

11 The Prince told her how he had been cursed by an evil witch.
Soon, the Prince and the Princess became best friends. And everyone lived happily ever after. Only the friendship of a beautiful princess could break the curse.

12 The End Story retold by Bev Evans
Images by Sue King ©Ladybird Books

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