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Also, while thinking of rear view mirrors, what about this situation?

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1 Also, while thinking of rear view mirrors, what about this situation?
It’s illegal to have objects dangling from the mirror that obstruct the drivers vision.

2 Passing: Don’t Cross the line

3 Proper passing procedure
After on-coming cars clear us… - be sure there are no vehicles emerging from a side road or driveway…then signal, check mirrors and head check left - accelerate quickly and begin passing… Proper passing procedure

4 Proper passing procedure
Continue accelerating…after passing the vehicle, signal and head check right before returning to the right lane - ease off accelerator CAUTION: As passing on 2 lane roads is potentially dangerous, do not attempt until you know your vehicle’s acceleration capability, and have good judgment assessing the speed of on-coming vehicles. Proper passing procedure

5 Other Passing Rules You should never pass on the left or drive off the road to the left when a car ahead is signaling a left turn. The time saved by passing on a two lane road is frequently not worth the risk!

6 If someone began passing you right now, what would you do?
Brake and move over as much as possible to the right.

7 Even though it’s against the law, many aggressive drivers will still try to pass.

8 Will a car be attempting to pass it up?
What should you be searching for when you see a large, on-coming truck?

9 …again use the shoulder
Don’t over react. Usually only ¼ turn of the steering is necessary Also, if possible keep the left tires on the pavement If you have to swerve to the right to avoid a head-on How much should you turn the steering wheel? STOP and THINK …again use the shoulder If a vehicle began passing that truck coming right at you, what would you do?

10 Especially watch for passing on hills when your sight distance is reduced.

11 What type of speed sign is this yellow 25 mph?
-- a suggested or advisory sign -- tickets are usually only issued for exceeding the black and white regulatory speed limit signs

12 Driving on the Open Road Rural and Mountain roads
In mountain driving - be sure your vehicle is in good condition (especially brakes, steering, suspension and cooling system) - be careful to maintain a safe speed on winding roads. You should stay to the far right side of the road when approaching hilltops and on curves.

13 Hairpin turn Mountain driving requires extreme caution. What is the meaning of this sign?

14 shifting to low gear While traveling down mountain hills:
Slow or maintain your speed by: ______________ shifting to low gear - Do not ride your brakes on downhill roadways This can lead to complete failure of your brakes, as they will heat up losing their braking ability.

15 While traveling uphill:
Shift to a lower gear to increase your cars hill climbing power. Caution: Extended driving uphill could also cause the engine to over heat. If your engine temperature rises into the danger zone, pull off and allow it to cool. Reduce stress by turning off the air-conditioner and driving more slowly.

16 If you are driving slowly on a two lane mountain road:
- you must use turnouts to allow others to pass. - if 5 or more cars are following you, you must pull to the side and let them pass.

17 Other Passing Rules On a two lane highway, a third lane may be made available for limited distances and for purposes of passing This is called a “passing lane”. The passing lane is separated by a white line from the right side lane you are in. There will frequently be signs indicating that a passing lane is ahead.

18 Many country roads lead
On country one lane roads: - where both vehicles cannot get through, the vehicle facing uphill must yield by backing up. You must back up Many country roads lead to small towns…

19 Many country roads lead
What about this? ONE LANE BRIDGE USE CENTER TRACK 10 feet 6 inch clearance Many country roads lead to small towns… Any idea what the rest of this yellow sign might read?

20 Quiz time…how much do you remember?
End of 2 Lane Driving Quiz time…how much do you remember?

21 1)1) After changing lanes (when your right lane is ending) you should still: _____________________________________ check your right shoulder blind spot with a head check 1)2) True or False: It is legal for you to use the right shoulder to go around waiting left turners in front of you. ________ false 1)3) True or False: Bridges are likely to freeze before surface streets because of cold air (near 32 degrees) circulating above and below the bridge. _________ true 1)4) On higher speed two lane roads, what should you be searching for as you approach hills: ___________________ cars from driveways / side roads 1)5) If a vehicle does pull out in front of you from a driveway you should ______and if necessary use the _____________ brake right shoulder 6) If on-coming cars are blinding you with their high beam lights, where should you look to avoid the direct bright glare? _______________________________________ focus on the white edgeline on right side of road

22 1)11) Maximum speed limit on 2 lane rural roads: ________
1)7) On two lane roads, if there is a tailgater behind you, you should check your mirrors at least every ______________ few seconds 1)8) True or False: If you get a ticket for speeding in a construction zone with workers present your fine will double. ______ true 1)9) A car is coming right at you in your lane, (its passing a truck), what should you do to avoid a head-on collision? _____________________________________________ use the right shoulder as an escape and brake if needed 1)10) True or False: The time of the year in which deer are most active is late summer and early fall. ______________ false - late fall 1)11) Maximum speed limit on 2 lane rural roads: ________ 55 mph 12) When going over hills in rural farmland areas be especially concerned about _______________________ slow-moving farm equipment

23 End of 2 Lane Driving

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