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Oral Presentation Instructions Senior Exit Project

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1 Oral Presentation Instructions Senior Exit Project
4/15/2017 Oral Presentation Senior Exit Project Senior Exit Projects

2 Organization Plan your speech with an outline
Use rubric evaluation to assist you Check off each rubric requirement as you prepare for it

3 Introduction Dynamic introduction grab the panel’s attention
preview the main points of your presentation

4 Content Research paper review
make clear connection between paper and project explain what you learned by doing the research how did that assist you with project make reference to page in portfolio

5 Content Project Preview Explain the project execution
Show evidence of how you planned to complete your project Explain the project execution what did you do how did you do it Portfolio Utilization make reference to page/caption numbers in portfolio Explain your learning experience address positive and negative aspects of the project what problems did you encounter how did you overcome adversity

6 Delivery Confidence/Energy Word Choice/Vocal Interferences
easy to understand appropriate pitch, volume, articulation show passion for your subject Word Choice/Vocal Interferences appropriate grammar and language avoid using ums, uh, er, like, you know, a lot, etc. Body Language excessive hand gestures, pacing, playing with hair, etc. Appearance professional dress required males-suit recommended (minimum dress shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes females-dress/skirt recommended with appropriate length and coverage Eye Contact consistently engage your audience with eye contact

7 Visual Aids Use appropriate visual aids to enhance your presentation
pictures physical project posterboard video video can be incorporated into PowerPoint or it can be a separate DVD PowerPoint make sure you practice with the equipment so you know how it works

8 Length of Speech Speech should last between 10-20 minutes
excludes question/answer session Practice, Practice, Practice note cards are permissible use as way to keep organized and stay on track DO NOT READ from PowerPoint or notes practice sessions available upon request

9 Conclusion Creative conclusion of presentation
review main points covered Invite panel to ask questions

10 Question/Answer Session
Time provided for questions by panel AFTER the conclusion of speech know your paper topic well know your project well know the connection between the two

11 Presentation Do’s & Don’ts
Rehearse your speech multiple times Dress formally Rehearse Make a PowerPoint presentation (not required but highly encouraged) Incorporate as much physical evidence/visuals or demonstrations as possible Create a dynamic opening/introduction

12 Presentation Do’s & Don’ts
Introduce and thank your panel of judges Rehearse Establish a clear connection between your research paper and your project Incorporate all of the proper speaking skills you have been taught through the years

13 Presentation Do’s & Don’ts
The majority of your speech should be about your personal experience throughout your exit project Have a definite structure or organization to your speech Utilize an effective closing or conclusion Solicit questions after you have concluded your speech

14 Presentation Do’s & Don’ts
Dress inappropriately (you know what we mean girls) Think that you have taken debate or forensics so you can “wing it” Talk at length about your research paper instead of your project Write your entire speech on your PowerPoint slides Read your speech from your PowerPoint or from note cards Forget to advance the slides as you are speaking

15 Presentation Do’s & Don’ts
Show up late….dire consequences Consider your presentation a proper place to make a “political statement” about the exit projects in general Fail to incorporate visual aids during your speech Move from topic to topic without proper transitions Use informal language, stutter, stammer, or fail to use proper speaking techniques

16 Presentation Do’s & Don’ts
Do NOT run short of TEN minutes (this is why we rehearse people)

17 Oral Presentation

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