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Vendor Interface Training Manual. 2 Hub Online's Vendor Interface program utilizes the latest internet technology to satisfy all kinds of shipping needs.

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1 Vendor Interface Training Manual

2 2 Hub Online's Vendor Interface program utilizes the latest internet technology to satisfy all kinds of shipping needs and help vendors manage their load tenders, shipment tracing, and accessorials, among other items. HUB GROUP WEBSITE

3 3 REGISTRATION FORM Registration Links are available on the Contact Section of the Hub Group website, as well as the Login Screen. Once clicking on the link, the user will be sent directly to the registration form. The form will ask for some basic information about themselves and their company.

4 4 LOGGING IN Online users will receive an email containing their User ID, password and link to the website. ID’s are disabled when not used for the past 60 days or 15 invalid password attempts.

5 5 Users now have the ability to retrieve their own User ID by clicking on the “Forgot User ID” link. Users will be prompted to enter their email address so that the system will recover and send the user their ID via email. Passwords can also be reset for disabled users by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link. Users will be prompted to enter their User ID and email address, the system will then create a new password and send via email. Retrieving User IDs & Passwords

6 6 Welcome Page The User will be greeted with a “Welcome Message” once they login. Vendor Interface will display updates along with general system information.

7 7 Transportation Mode & New Alerts IML stands for intermodal and HWY is for Highway. Users can toggle back and forth between the two depending on the transportation mode used.. These are hyperlinks that alert the user of new notifications. The alerts are voice automated and will address the user every 30 minutes of any alerts until they are acknowledged. By clicking on these hyperlinks, the user will be navigated to the appropriate tab. By clicking on this indicator, it will enable or disable scanning depending on user preferences. Enable Scanning denotes that scanning is disabled. If the link reads Disable Scanning, it denotes that scanning is enabled. This option allows vendors to scan required documents into the Active, Invoice Ready, Completed, and Accessorial tabs; along with the Outstanding Documents window. Help Pages are available through this link.

8 8 Using Tabs in VI In addition to the hyperlinks, the tabs on VI allow the vendor to view, search, edit, and manage a multitude of information for their orders including: Account & User information Accounts Receivable Accessorials Shipments in the Hub Notify Program Required Documentation …And much more

9 9 New Alert Tabs In addition to the alert hyperlinks, new tenders, active loads, changes, and accessorials are available as tabs. Carriers are able to view, acknowledge, and print their new tenders from the tabs

10 10 New Active Tab Clicking on the details button allows the vendor to view all of the load details and load particulars in tender form.

11 11 My Account & User Tabs The ‘MY ACCOUNT’ tab allows users to change their password and maintain contact information, including NOA contacts. The ‘USERS’ tab allows the administrator to maintain user information for every user registered for that vendor

12 12 A/R Tab Vendors are able to search for all A/R or use the drop-down menus to search for specific receivables The A/R tab allows Hub Group vendors to view important information regarding their payments, including the payment amount, check numbers, and payment status

13 13 Active Tab 1.The Hub PO # 2.The Equipment ID, size, and type 3.The origin location 4.The destination location 5.The dray rate and fuel to be paid to the carrier 6.The Hub Group operating office responsible for the order 7.Special Indicators on the load, including paperwork requirements, stay-with/drop flags, accessorials on the order, etc. 8.For deliveries, the current status and location of the container 9.The latest ETA that Hub Group has received for the shipment

14 14 Active Tab Vendors also have the ability to enter and edit load particulars and remarks from the Active Tab on Vendor Interface

15 15 Active Tab The Active Tab also allows vendors to enter accessorials on orders Using the drop-down menu, vendors are able to select the type of accessorial to be entered Notes & comments about the accessorial may be entered

16 16 Accessorial Tab Like the Active Tab, the Accessorials Tab allows vendors to view all accessorials or search using the menu options. The Accessorials Tab also allows Hub Group vendors to enter invoice numbers in addition to allowing them to edit, manage, and process their active accessorials.

17 17 Accessorial Tab The Edit/Detail button allows the user to view the accessorial and enter an invoice number or cancel the accessorial. The Paperwork button allows the user to see a list of all paperwork required for payment.

18 18 Notify Tab The Notifiy Tab allows vendors to see all of their orders notified without an outgate record and/or an arrived at consignee record through the Hub Group Notification Process. This tab allows vendors to view all notified units, or search for specific containers using the search criteria.

19 19 Invoice Ready Tab An order will remain in the active tab until Hub Group has received all required events for that order. Once Hub Group has received this required info, the order will be ‘Invoice Ready.’ After entering their invoice number on the order, the order will be completed

20 20 Completed Tab The vendor is able to view all the order details in tender form for 180 days after completion. …They may also enter an accessorial …In addition, indicators are provided to allow vendors to quickly see the status of accessorials and order requirements. The indicator key is located at the bottom of the page

21 21 Required Documents Tab The Required Documents Tab shows vendors which pending documentation is owed to Hub Group. It also shows them how much money is being held until these documents are received.

22 22 Required Documents Tab Clicking on the Cover Sheet icon will allow the vendor to print the cover sheet with the appropriate barcode in order to provide the required documentation and begin the payment process. This cover sheet should be faxed in with the appropriate back up for payment

23 23 Wrapping Up To provide Hub Group with required events and documents, along with retrieving order information and processing accessorials, vendors need to access Vendor Interface. To complete the vendor registration form online, go to Hub Online will reply, after the user has been authorized, with their user name and password. After receiving their access information, they can simply click the link in the e-mail or click the ‘Customer Login’ on the navigation bar. FAQ/HELP pages are available. If you have any questions, please contact Vendor Interface Support at 1-877-482-2400, or your local Hub Operating Company.

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