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What is the best way to see the UK ?

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1 What is the best way to see the UK ?

2 Why do people like to travel ?
Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling.They travel: To see other countries and continents. To visit modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns. To enjoy picturesque places or just for a change of scene.

3 People travel by boat,by bus, by car,by air,by train,by sea,etc…
Buses in the UK


5 Bus stops in the UK

6 Trolley-buses in the UK

7 People can travel by air…

8 Tube in the UK

9 Travelling by trains in the UK

10 Which of the following things you think you will need if you are going to have holidays abroad ?
a passport a sleeping bag a travel guide a ticket a visa a map a health insurance a money belt a first aid kit a camera You may use: I’ll need… . I will also need… . …not necessary.

11 What things will you need during your travelling ?
pack too many clothes take a passport buy a ticket send a letter of application take maps and travel guides have a lot of luggage check the weather You must… You don’t have to… You’d better… You should… You needn’t…

12 If we are fond of travelling…
We can see and learn a lot of things that we can never see or learn at home. We can know interesting facts about traditions, fashion, different ways of life. We can meet different people, try different food, listen to different musical rhythms. It is the best way to study geography, to practice foreign language, to uderstand people and to meet them in their own homes.

13 Welcome to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!

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