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Fashion Capitals of the World A Virtual Field Trip Experience Connie B. Riddle.

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2 Fashion Capitals of the World A Virtual Field Trip Experience Connie B. Riddle

3 Fashion & Style Today, Paris, along with Tokyo, London, Milan, and New York City, are considered the world fashion capitals, and home or headquarters to many of the premier fashion houses. Fashion and style are predicted by designers who are located in the Fashion Capitals of the World. We will journey to these cities and learn about the culture and the fashion icons who make these cities fun and exciting for the world of fashion.

4 Travel Preparations Itinerary: New York, London, & Paris Passport: Exchange Rate: Weather: Trip Duration: class 2 periods

5 New York Visit this radio station in NY to find out the current temperature, and to determine what contests they are currently promoting. Record your favorite one on your Travel Document and explain the rules and prizes Visit this site to watch the making of the Fendi video and find out the name, country of origin, and how they became a model for each of the three fendi girls. this is the website for New York Magazine. Visit the site, read the fashion section and participate in the “Rate This Look” interactive article. Record your experience in your Travel go to NYC and look at the Top Ten Trends to pick your favorite trend and write a paragraph describing it using the most “fashion” terms you can.

6 London check this out to navigate around the city of London. Visit all the London sites and record interesting facts about at least three areas you would be most interested in visiting one listen to some music and find out the current time and temperature to record in your travel & visit these two popular shopping venues and spend your $100.00 that you have converted to pounds. List your items purchased in your travel document and what each as you visit the Victoria and Albert museum this site will show you a collection of fashion from the past two centuries. List the names of all famous people (in your travel document) who have clothing in the museum that you see in this Your last stop in London is the Portobello street market. Write down directions in your travel document on how to get to this trendy sight seeing favorite of locals and tourist who visit the city of

7 Around -the-Marais.htm You will view a video of an especially trendy area of Paris called “Marais”. Record on your Travel Document what the term marais means, what religious group has their home in this neighborhood, and two foods you can purchase at Le’Pletzel restaurant. Around -the-Marais.htm This will be your ticket to a Paris fashion show. List the designers who are showcased in this show in your travel You cannot go home from a fabulous trip like this without souvenirs! Visit this website and spend your last $50.00 (of course you must first convert to euros) on gifts for your family. Don’t forget Mom, Dad, siblings, and Grandparents if you have money left. List your purchases and prices in your travel akers-workshop This shop will be a great place to make a fun purchase. Pick out your favorite hat and describe it in your travel akers-workshop

8 Travel Document Time & Weather for all cities Exchange rate for London & Paris NY radio contest Fendi Models Bio Top Ten Trends Favorite Rate This Look Top Shop/Urban Outfitters shopping trip Victoria & Albert famous fashion Portobello Road Directions Marais Tour Notes Designers from Paris Show Souvenirs from France Favorite Hat Passport Application

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