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Prepare the best demo for your prospects

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1 Prepare the best demo for your prospects

2 Demo Preparation Plan Create demo-flow scenario and confirm with your client. Design business process. Fill-in the system with relevant customer data. Demo user customization.

3 Demo Flow

4 Demo Flow Scenario What to ask: What to use: Clarify requirements
Request customer use case What to use: Typical questions to ask Typical flow (referral business processes) Use case - a list of steps, typically defining interactions between a role and a system, to achieve a goal. Referral process - Out of the box best-practice Processes

5 Typical Questions Data Import:
Where is your current customer database kept? – files, other systems? What data should  be available in CRM? Business-process set-up: Describe the steps your managers take after they’ve found a new prospect (e.g. register in database details, schedule a follow-up phone call, arrange a meeting etc.) Opportunities management: What stages of opportunity do you define? What are the main sales KPI’s? Integration: Do you require integration of CRM-system with other systems (e.g. web-site or other accounting system?) User permissions: How many roles – positions – will have access to CRM-system? Analytics: Could you provide the templates of reports you’d like to generate from CRM-system? What analytics are you missing at the moment or hard to track?

6 Marketing Campaign/ Mass Mail
Typical Flow (SFA) Main Menu Workplaces Set-Up Contacts / Accounts Charts Activities Marketing Campaign/ Mass Mail Dashboards UI Feed Lead Qualification Opportunity Mngmnt Knowledge Base Business Process

7 Marketing Campaign/ Mass Mail
Typical Flow (LQ+SFA) Main Menu Contacts / Accounts Workplaces Set-Up Charts UI Knowledge Base Dashboards Lead Qualification Marketing Campaign/ Mass Mail Business Process Feed Activities Opportunity Mngmnt

8 How to Present to Client?
1 2 3 4 # Lead Qualification Marketing campaigns Opportunity management Activities and Calls Planning Progress Tracking A new lead created. Lead includes all contact details. Manager qualifies lead as Contact. New Contact record is created. Manager created a group for leads nurturing campaign. Manager subscribes to feed of qualified contact. Manager includes contact to lead nurturing marketing campaign. Manager verifies the target audience of selected campaign. Manager launches mass mailing for selected campaign, Manager receives a notification that contact has responded to marketing campaign. Manager goes to contact profile and checks the contact information. Manager finds automatically planned activity to call to customer and completes the task. The call is successful so system schedules next task and a new opportunity is created. Manager opens opportunity and fills in all relevant information (e.g. stage, revenue, tactics). Manager completes the next follow-up task and modifies the stage of opportunity. Manager verifies that opportunity data has been automatically updated based on completed task. Manager opens his schedule and reviews his tasks for the current and following week. Manager reviews the schedule of other sales manager who should be involved in deal. Manager opens charts to see the customer base growth. Manager opens chart to see success on opportunities closing. Manager opens dashboard to see the overall performance.

9 Useful Tips How to make your scenario smooth and simple?
Create a legend. Use 1 record (one lead, one contact) throughout the whole cycle. Switch one section at a time. Follow the flow.

10 Design Process

11 Use Referral Process

12 Design Something Very Simple

13 Relevant Client Data

14 Relevant Data What data to fill in? Where to find?
Customers (companies, contacts). Products. Campaigns. Mass mail campaigns. Look-ups: type of customers/contacts, lead sources, opportunity stages, Where to find? Client web-site. Profiles on social networks. Request client for information. ! Useful Tip: Alpha Business and Alexander Wilson should be the main record.

15 User Customization

16 System Setup Make sure your system looks nice: Set-up workplaces.
Set up columns. Create folders. Set up charts. Check the dates in ‘Activities’ section. Check dashboard. Check feeds and reminders. Integrate with . Hide all details.

17 Q&A

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