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Hidden Features. What will we cover 16 hidden features for Admins Bonus: –2 hidden features for Employers –Live examples!

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1 Hidden Features

2 What will we cover 16 hidden features for Admins Bonus: –2 hidden features for Employers –Live examples!

3 Hidden Features for Admins Mass Email Scheduling Email Queue Communication Activity Tab Student Quick View Dashboard Export Search Results One-click Reports New Password Reset Login As Feature Custom Menu Resume Creator Localization Options Default Field Name Reorder Default Codes Permissions Select All Dynamic Search Resource Library Dates

4 Mass Email Scheduling You have three options after creating your Mass Email: –Option 1: Send this mass email –Option 2: Save this mass email without sending –Option 3: Save and send this mass email Schedule your email to send at a future date/time Save a copy of your email

5 Email Queue Search for all mass emails scheduled to send in the future Remove scheduled emails from the queue Tools Activity Log Email Queue

6 Communication Activity Tab Includes all email communication from the system to the email address in the user’s profile Confirms emails sent successfully Admin can view email content within 30 days of sending an email Admin can resend the email to the user

7 Communication Activity Tab

8 Questions

9 Student Dashboard Quick view of student information Displays all student activity Admin can update the student’s Status or Applicant Type Replaced PROSA activity column in Student Search Results

10 Student Dashboard Click on the magnifying glass icon found in the Student Search Results

11 Student Dashboard

12 Export Search Results Generate an Excel/CSV report directly from your search results

13 One-Click Reports Generate reports previously generated on the back-end by CSO Tech!

14 Questions

15 Password Reset Force users to update their password Automatic Email notification sends

16 Login As Feature Allows Admins to login as Students, Contacts, Admins, Faculty and Mentors without logging out of their own account

17 Custom Menu Menu item available to provide additional resources for all types of users Redirects user to another website in new browser tab

18 Resume Creator 15 different resume templates to choose from for all different types of students Templates can be renamed Easy for students to edit, save and download!

19 Localization Options Rename certain key words or phrases used throughout your CSO System Over 70 different options to rename! Tools Setup Localization

20 Localization Example “Forgot Your Password” link

21 Original Field Names The original field name displays for your reference! Matches the original field names found in permissions Tools Setup Forms

22 Reorder Code Lists Reorder your default field code lists Previous CSO backend request Tools Setup Codes

23 Permissions Select All Select or deselect all roles in permissions by quickly checking a box Saves a lot of time for Supervisor Admins! Tools Setup Permissions

24 Dynamic Search In the Organization Name field, when an admin starts typing it will display all values that match what is being typed This helps admins identify if employers already exist in the database Databases  Employers  New Databases  Contacts  New Databases  Jobs  New Databases  Schedules  New

25 Resource Library Dates Under the Resource Library, admins can now view two date fields Document Uploaded Document Last Accessed

26 Questions

27 Hidden Features for Employers Confidential Employer Employer Referral Management Tools

28 Confidential Employer Allows the Employer to hide their Organization Name from students on a per job basis Common for big name companies, or companies posting internships Display name can be renamed in Localization!

29 Confidential Employer Student viewing Confidential Employer Job

30 Referral Management Easy way for Employers to review resumes of applicants and give them a response directly from the system Filter & Mass Email using Employer Response

31 Referral Management

32 What we covered 16 hidden features for Admins 2 hidden features for Employers

33 Questions

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