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Case Study “Using Webcasting to Create Membership Value”

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1 Case Study “Using Webcasting to Create Membership Value”

2 Michael Foreman Association Meetings Industry Expert 20 years of Experience working in International and UK Association Sector Specialisms: Meetings Strategy Effective Meetings Management Association Management Revenue Diversification and Growth Strategy

3 The Pain Points Associations like all other business are feeling the pinch. Revenue is squeezed due to budgets being cut. Sponsorship funds are tightening Membership fees are frozen or reducing Declining markets due to competition or decreasing value propositions Membership Demographics are changing Need to meet members’ changing expectations and circumstances

4 Case Study Association Profile European Medical Association 4000 Members Worldwide Annual International Congress of 9000 Participants Numerous other Educational Events Annually Ranging in Size Significant Industry Sponsorship

5 The Solution PART 1 – Advanced Webcasting An Advanced webcasting solution for educational purposes Need for High Resolution Take into account Language issues Sophisticated search functionality Allow for legal permissions and data concerns Offer CME/CPD opportunity

6 The Solution PART 2 – The Portal An Online Library of Educational material including Post Produced Webcast Content Webcasted content Conference Abstracts Additional e-learning tools such as learning quizzes and accredited courses Powerful Search and Build Tool Discussion Forums Downloadable App version


8 To do so they issued the following brief to Multilearning to enhance their existing solution to; Produce consistently high quality content Find the best way to reach out to the biggest audience and let them interact with the content in the most efficient way Develop a search functionality to eliminate time consuming searches and overly complex results


10 The Solution – PART 3 – Online Education An Online Library to provide EASL Members with: An easy to navigate one stop educational search engine very well organized with extensive content EASL Board selected content available anytime, anywhere The unique ability to instantly search and organise by topic without typing a single word thanks to a US Patent Pending concept A genuine scientific tree assessed by liver experts An enhanced format of online education The ability to gather CME Credits, interact with Authors, access content on Mobile Apps (impressive level of 30% of users) And more…

11 The Results Clear ROI for the Association Increase in Membership Numbers From 800 in 2005 to 4000 in 2013. When the Liver Tree became a membership benefit membership increased by 450% Increase in Retention by High Value Proposition for Members Expanding Global Membership Generation of Content Preferences New Sponsorship Opportunities for Industry

12 Simple Webcast = Information Advanced Webcast = Education Online Educational Portal = Growth

13 Acknowledgement

14 +44 7939 027193 MF@MICHAELFOREMAN.CO.UK

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