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2 WHAT ARE PERSONAL SERVICES? – 1 OF 3 When a student organization contracts the services of a lecturer, entertainer, or other type of entertainment, that is considered a personal service. A written agreement is mandatory for all these types of services. The State of Connecticut requires WCSU to issue a Personal Services Agreement (PSA) to all individuals or companies paid from Student Activities Funds. Effective January, 2015

3 WHAT ARE PERSONAL SERVICES? – 2 OF 3  Student organizations need to complete a Personal Services Agreement Request Form as soon as the artist is contacted. That form will need to be signed by the organization president or treasurer and advisor and submitted to the SAFA at least six weeks prior to the performance or event. The PSA Request Form IS NOT A BINDING DOCUMENT and is not considered an executed contract. Effective January, 2015

4 WHAT ARE PERSONAL SERVICES? – 3 OF 3 Once the SOFA receives the PSA Request Form the staff will take the information and develop the Personal Services Agreement. The Personal Services Agreement Contract is created by the SOFA and sent via email to the contractor for signing. The contract needs to be returned hard-copy at least 10 days before the event. Until the Personal Services Agreement is authorized by the University Administrative Services no performer is under contract. Effective January, 2015

5 PSA FORM INFORMATION – 1 OF 2 Some things to keep in mind while completing the PSA Form. -If the artist requires a hotel, the CSI Office has arrangements for a discount with the Holiday Inn and will make this reservation. -A description of the artists performance is important, for example, “Performing as a DJ for PAC’s WestFest Event” is better than “DJ” -Ethically, employees of the State of CT, or those who live with them/are directly related to them cannot be paid by a Student Org. more than $99.00 -Ethically, contractors cannot be paid more than $10,000.00 in a 12 month period without going out to bid. Effective January, 2015

6 PSA FORM INFORMATION – 2 OF 2 (TAXES)  The State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) requires that State income tax be withheld for non-resident entertainers and athletes (referred to as performer) from income derived from Connecticut sources.  If the artist is not a Connecticut resident, the University will withhold a percentage of the artist’s gross payment for Connecticut State income tax.  No performer fees should be increased to reflect the tax; the performer is responsible for the tax -not the student organization.  A non-resident performer or performing entity may request a withholding exemption or reduction. Please contact the CSI Staff.  Office for further information. Effective January, 2015

7 PSA REQUEST FORM – 1 OF 2 The PSA Request form is a detailed two page document, this is page 1. The pink box indicates information that is the same as previously explained forms. The orange box indicates Event Info. Here you must explain all time and date information about the program, including the fee of the artist/entertainer. The green box indicates Hospitality Info. Here you must indicate if that artist needs transportation/catering/hotel services, and who they will be provided by. Effective January, 2015

8 PSA REQUEST FORM – 2 OF 2 The PSA Request form is a detailed two page document, this is page 2. The pink boxes indicate information that is the same as previously explained forms. The blue box indicates VERY IMPORTANT Payment Info. As well as a line for an email address. THIS IS WHERE THE CONTRACT WILL BE SENT FOR SIGNING AND WITHOUT IT CANNOT BE COMPLETED. The black box indicates Ethics information that you should ask the contractor before confirming payment and eligibility to perform on campus. Effective January, 2015

9 PSA REQUEST PROCEDURE -Once the PSA Request Form is completed and submitted (with proper minutes, signatures, and W9) the SOFA will create a contract. -The contract will be sent to the e-mail address provided, along with other forms, for signing. -Once these forms are signed and received in the mail, the CSI Office will forward them to Administrative Services for approval. -The CSI Office will receive an e-mail when the form is approved and forward to the appropriate parties (club and contractor.) Effective January, 2015

10 MEETING MINUTES Every expenditure that you try to process from your university accounts will have to include minutes with allocations. A skeleton outline of how to type meeting minutes can be found Effective January, 2015


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