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Student organization training

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1 Student organization training
Request for Food Service Forms Effective January, 2015

2 Food service – 1 of 2 The last type of expenditure form is the Food Service Request Form. The University staff works closely with student organizations in planning events to insure their success and realizes that food and beverage service may be an integral part of that success. In order to provide quality food and beverages, the University has contracted with Sodexo Dining Services which operates Colonial Catering. Students should meet with a member of the catering team as soon as possible to discuss menu options and event planning. Room reservations for the facility must be made prior to meeting with catering. Effective January, 2015

3 Food service – 2 of 2 Effective January, 2015
Through their contract, Sodexo Dining Services reserves the exclusive rights to all food and beverage services on the campus. There are a few exceptions (ex. if it is a member only meeting of less than 15 people.) This must be approved by Sodexo prior to the event. For outside Food Service approval, the following must be provided: Signed waiver by Sodexo A copy of the Health Department Permit for each food provider A copy of the Certificate of Insurance for each food provider Signed indemnification form from each food provider Menu to be served Effective January, 2015

4 Food service request forms
The Food Service Request form must be completed and submitted to the Center for Student Involvement at least two weeks prior to the event. Before submitting a Food Service Request form, the organization must meet with Food Services to organize their menu and make sure they are available to provide for the organization. The following slides will explain the completion of a Food Service Request Form. Like all forms, minutes are required. Effective January, 2015

5 Food service request form
There are small differences between the Food Service Request Form and the Payment Voucher… Food Service Request Form Procedures are located in the area of the orange box, to refresh your memory. The main difference from the Payment Voucher to the Food Service Request form is the area of the blue box… In this box you will indicate the specific dates of service, the name of the event, and the cost of service (provided by Sodexo.) Effective January, 2015

6 Meeting minutes Every expenditure that you try to process from your university accounts will have to include minutes with allocations. A skeleton outline of how to type meeting minutes can be found here. Effective January, 2015

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