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Parent’s Course in Career Planning Presented by Center for Career Development Biola University.

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1 Parent’s Course in Career Planning Presented by Center for Career Development Biola University

2 Overview of Seminar  Mission Statements  Developmental Stages  Career Planning Model  Overview of Career Development programs, services, and resources  Pitfalls to Avoid - Tips to Follow  Questions and Discussion

3 The Mission of BiolaUniversity Biblically-Centered Education, Scholarship and Service Equipping men and women in Mind and Character to Impact the World for The Lord Jesus Christ.

4 The mission of the Center for Career Development is to assist students in discerning their callings in life and in transitioning into meaningful work.

5 Chickering’s 7 Vectors Developmental Stages 1.Developing Competence 2.Managing Emotions 3.Moving through Autonomy toward Interdependence

6 Chickering’s 7 Vectors 4.Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships 5.Establishing Identity 6.Developing Purpose 7.Developing Integrity

7 Career Planning Model EngageExplore Experience Embark

8 Engage - Year One Goal: Know Yourself  Focus on academic success, getting settled into college life and spiritual growth.  Gain self-understanding of personality, interests, skills and values.  Make connections and develop leadership skills through campus/ministry organizations.

9 Explore - Year Two Goal: Explore Options  Focus on choosing a major and exploring career options.  Utilize available resources to talk to people and research current, realistic information about occupations.  Identify and articulate skills.  Apply for a professional summer internship.

10 ~~~Interlude~~~ Time to Make a Decision Decide on Initial Career Interests Decide on Type of Internship to pursue Decide on Professional Association to Join Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…. Decision-making is a KEY skill to learn in college.

11 Experience - Year Three Goal: Get an Internship  Use internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities to develop and improve skills.  Write a resume, practice interviewing.  Begin to establish relationships in career field.  Solidify initial career direction.

12 Embark - Year Four Goal: Transition for World of Work  Prepare for the transition to life after Biola.  Hone practical skills: job search strategies interviewing, networking, resume writing.  Attend professional functions, career fairs, and related networking opportunities  Actively begin job search or preparation for graduate school.

13 Job Search Timeline Sophomore & Junior summers have an internship in related field Begin job research 4 months prior Average of 9 months to secure a full-time job Recruiters prefer to give job offers in the Fall Graduate school is better after receiving work experience

14 Why Career Development Now? 2 Years Related Experience Freshman: assess self, major, career direction Sophomore: jobs/internships (8 months) Junior: jobs/internships (8 months) Senior: jobs/internships (8 months)  24 months

15 How Can Parents Help?

16 Knowledge and Awareness about themselves  Offer feedback related to interests, key personality traits, skills they most like using.  Hint: Your observations. What do they really enjoy? Care about?  Take initiative to bring up subject, ask questions and assist with resources and connections.

17 Knowledge and Experience with World of Work  Sectors  Private sector: provide a product or service which produces profit. Divided into Industries/Fields.,,  Government sector: provide oversight, safety and services to national, state and local community.  Nonprofit sector: provide services to community related to an issue or need: healthcare, education, hunger, world relief, public policy, violence…  Functions  Accountant, Human Resources, Educator/Trainer, Consultant, Counselor, Computer Specialist, Minister, Analyst, Writer/Editor, Make-Up Artist

18 Support Students through Career Planning  Familiarize yourself with career planning process  Discuss process and practical steps with them  Expose them to professionals, various work settings  Plan ahead! Check out special study programs, internships & summer opportunities.  Challenge your students. Raise the bar on your expectations.

19 Programs  Services  Resources Career Development

20 Programs and Services Career Counseling Workshops & Seminars Career Planning Class Career Assessments Career FairsCareer Library Resume Assistance Internship Assistance Mock Interviews Grad School Resources Job/Internship Listings On-Campus Recruiting WebsiteSpiritual Direction Faith Integration

21 Career Development Website Key source of information Check regularly

22 Common Pitfalls… …and How to Avoid Them  Keeping Options open too long  Avoiding practical experience  Sophomore Drift  Not utilizing resources Be Proactive to move toward a decision Plan on multiple internships Sophomore Shift - explore and experience One contact each semester/as needed

23 Changing Parent Roles  Changing from supervisor to advisor  Students need your support and involvement, but in a different way  Tricky transition  Ask students about life planning issues - majors, exploration of options, internships  Give them space to make mistakes  Prayer

24 Questions? Center for Career Development 562 903-4875

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