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The Job Search 209 Wigley Administration Center  Mankato, MN 56001  507-389-6061 

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1 The Job Search 209 Wigley Administration Center  Mankato, MN 56001  507-389-6061 

2 Job Search Process Facts ● On average, it can take 6 – 9 months of active job searching for a senior or recent graduate to receive a job offer after graduation. ● Students who frequently used their career center were more likely to receive a job offer sooner than those who did not. Use of Career Services Linked to Job Offers Spotlight Online for Career Services Professionals, June 23, 2010 The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) 2010 Student Survey shows a strong link between use of career services and a student’s ability to get a job offer. Results show that, the more frequently a senior used career services, the more likely he/she would receive a job offer. Just under 29 percent of those who received job offers had not used the career center—meaning the remaining 71 percent with offers were career center users. In addition, the study found that the likelihood of getting a job offer increased with the frequency of use, so that those who used the career center four or more times a semester were more likely to have job offers than those who used it once a semester. Tips for graduates on the job hunt

3 Job Statistics of Recent MSU Graduates Approximately 20% of grads had jobs before graduation Before Graduation Approximately 65% of grads had jobs 6-9 Months after Graduation Approximately an additional 15% of grads had jobs 7-12 Months after Graduation

4 Job Search Process Who are you? Exploring the World of Work (WOW) Create a Plan & Job Searching

5 Who Are You? Learn about yourself by discovering your interests, skills, and values and how they relate to the world of work.  Take an interest inventory (FOCUS Assessment, Strong Interest/MBTI)  Get involved with campus activities or organizationscampus activities or organizations  Identify possible major and career fields  Enroll in classes that fulfill general education courses but also potential majors

6 Explore the World of Work Gather information about occupations and relating information from self-assessment to possible career and major options.  Research majors and careers in the Career Resource LibraryCareer Resource Library  Consider the possibility of study abroadstudy abroad  Talk to faculty or advisors in your major to learn about potential career opportunities  Use What Can I Do with a Major In? to identify possible careers within your majorWhat Can I Do with a Major In?

7 Create a Plan and Job Searching Narrow and prioritize career options. Identify education/training/employment options  Take a leadership role in a campus organizationcampus organization  Research graduate and professional schools and their requirements  Prepare and take tests required for admissions Prepare and take tests required for admissions  Draft a resume and cover letter. Use the Job Search HandbookJob Search Handbook

8 Enter World of Work Carry through on your plan of action. Enter the world of work or graduate/professional school Register for and attend career or job fairs/ workshopscareer or job fairs/ workshops Upload your resume into and make it available for employers to Complete graduate and professional school application process Consider attending an on campus recruiting info or interview session.on campus recruiting info or interview session

9 Keys to Finding a Job Gain relevant experience before you start job searching  Examples: Internships, part-time related work experience, volunteering, campus and community involvement Be able to effectively communicate these experiences to employers Create a resume and have it reviewed at Quick Stop prior to distributing it

10 Resources to Find Jobs Networking GoinGlobal Professional Organizations Online resources: ● ● ● ● (MN Jobs)

11 Explore job postings from all around the world! Expert advice for domestic and international students looking to work in the United States and abroad 600,000 worldwide job and internship postings that are updated daily Searchable H1B visa database for international students Log in to your account and click on

12 Networking Networking is: Cultivating and maintaining professional relationships to provide and offer information and support What is the importance of networking? 2 primary purposes of networking: To learn more about careers To establish a relationship that may result in a job lead 60%-80% of job seekers obtain their job offer through networking Network through: ● Face to face, online networking (Facebook & Linked in), conferences, informational interviews, career and job fairs, and professional organizations

13 Every MSU student has an active Mavjobs accountMavjobs account Mavjobs can be utilized to: ● Post your resume ● Search for jobs/internships ● Research employers ● Contact employers ● Network ● Utilize multiple resources for the job search process available Check it out at:

14 MAVJOBS Minnesota State University, Mankato’s exclusive job searching website! Search and apply for: On-campus & off-campus part-time jobs Entry-level & experienced employment Internships RSVP for: Employer Information Sessions Career Fairs Workshops

15 Professional Organizations Many professional organizations have job listings in their field posted on their websites Reach out to professional organizations to:  Develop your professional network  Gain knowledge through participation and attendance at conferences  Keep up to date on current issues and trends in the field

16 CDC website links  Job Search Assistance Job Search Assistance  Job Search Links Job Search Links  Going Global Going Global  Exploring Careers Exploring Careers  Career Exploration Career Exploration CareerSpots videos  Finding a Co-op/Internship Finding a Co-op/Internship  Perils of Social Networking Perils of Social Networking  How DO you get THAT Job? How DO you get THAT Job?  Informational Interview Informational Interview Additional Online Resources

17 Career Resource Library Open Monday – Friday  8:00 Am- 4:30 PM Possible book titles: 10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search, A Foot in the Door: Networking Your way into the Hidden Job Market, and 101 Tips for Graduates Books available for checkout with your Mavcard View the complete list of books at:

18 Additional CDC Resources QuickStop walk-in hours QuickStop Career Fairs and Events Who’s Recruiting on Campus? Where are They Now? Job Search Handbook


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