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 Team name: Teen Titans  Team member: Viet Ha Bui (Leader) Thuc Anh Nguyen Hai Phuong Nguyen  Country: Viet Nam.

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1  Team name: Teen Titans  Team member: Viet Ha Bui (Leader) Thuc Anh Nguyen Hai Phuong Nguyen  Country: Viet Nam

2  Viet Nam has 53.1 million work force aged 15 and above over nearly 92 million of population as of October 1, 2012. Meanwhile, nearly 1 million was unemployed – an unemployment rate of 2.01% which is lower than that of 2.9% in 2009.  Unemployment based on age range: Over amount of unemployment above, unemployed youth aged from 15 to 24 makes up the most with a haft of total unemployment.  Besides, there are still nearly 1.5 million underemployed people accounting for 2.74% of labor force. This kind of people is trying to seek any jobs even inappropriately with low income and unrelated background. The reason for this is down economic, low living standard and low social insurance which force them to deal with inappropriate job for survival.  Unemployment based on gender: Unemployment among women is 2.36% higher than men with 1.71%  Unemployment based on geography: the unemployment rate in urban areas was 3.3% - much higher than that of 1.42% in rural areas.


4  Unemployment based on age range: The reason is that people ranged from 15 to 24 do not have enough skill, education and experience for particular jobs though many companies are having shortage of labor.  Moreover, due to economic crisis, job is not created enough for labor force. More than 26,000 companies had shut down or halted operations in the first six months of 2012 while 31.7% of companies in Vietnam was planning to downsize.  Unemployment based on gender: there is still an attitude that male is more suitable than female in some aspects such as infrastructure, engineer, IT, chemical industry which means women have less benefits and chances to find jobs, not to mention its inappropriate working conditions.  Unemployment based on geography: 77% of work force is untrained or mainly trained for agriculture which does not require too many skills. Meanwhile, urban area requires very high qualified employees as Viet Nam has been trying to enhance industry and service.

5  Workforce is reported to have low skill levels to handle work load. They are not able to control their stress, time and make progress. They also lack of communicating and presenting tips.  The information from the insiders is the most valuable one with practical ideas to complete tasks. Online training would be the most update and feasible.  Training through online provides quick and cheap access (depending on sources) to the high quality information in order to improve their working competencies. Information include all the task’s instruction.  Since it is carried out online, participants can access the information from anywhere and apply them almost immediately.

6  While training and discussion online are very helpful to gain experience and skills, offline education is mainly focus on boosting skills that are difficult to transfer without face to face discussion. They are languages, IT, presentation skill or specialized tasks depending on each job.  Offline training provides thorough ideas to improve the skills with many opportunities to discuss about participants’ issues which may be hard to explain online. Communicating then will solve the problems easily through words and body languages.  Since practice makes perfect, one should always practice his/her skills through training especially with languages and difficult skills through simulation.

7  Out of loan with $130 billion in Viet Nam, bad debt were estimated at $12 billion of which 73% are mortgage-based in 2012. Solution: - To enhance quality of credit staff and strictness of lending procedures in banking system. - To limit loan of real estate investment and decrease price of property helping firms pay off bad debt in order to invest in business.  Decrease interest rate (10% at present) and lending rate (12% at present) to boost up spending power and support effective business.  Decrease tax on SMEs in order to support existing business which is also creating more jobs.

8 _ To send more women overseas to study English and encourage them to study in fields that are needed by the job market. _To develop jobs and skills for women, especially in the green economy. _ There should be competition and training course especially for female to gain confidence, experience, skill and encourage them to be entrepreneurs. _ To respond to the needs of women. For example, implementing more flexible arrangements and working policies to suit family life.

9 - To concentrate on English in Elementary schools, create a solid background for children’s English skills in Secondary Schools. By the way, teacher’s qualifications would be accordingly improved. - Regarding high schools and Universities, to reduce some unnecessary subjects, concentrate on specialized subjects and working skills such as IT, English, Presentation, Communication, Teamwork, etc. - To Create a lot of opportunity for students to learn thoroughly about their field of study in Universities. Help students understand their future jobs and make them select their careers correctly.

10  We spent 3 weeks to solve the problem by doing research, interview and analysis.  Our solutions can reach to youth group aged from 15 to 24 up to 500,000 people if education revolution is carried out.  We are engaging potential students from universities to support these solutions.

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