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“Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition Countries – Jordan component” Inception Workshop 2 July 2012.

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1 “Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition Countries – Jordan component” Inception Workshop 2 July 2012

2 Situation Analysis Jordan’s population is currently about 6.1 million. More than 70% of the population is under 30 years of age, which suggests that an investment in youth is a needed instrument for national development. Those between the ages of 15 and 24 comprise 22% of the population. The project will be carried out at both the national an sub-national levels, with special focus on three governorates with high poverty and unemployment rates; Mafraq in the North East (Poverty Rate 31.9%, unemployment Rate 13.9%), Maa’n in the South (Poverty Rate 24.2%, Unemployment rate 19.0%) and Madaba in the Middle (Poverty Rate 14.9 %, unemployment Rate 21.0 %) The Project will focus at the policy level (national), and at intervention level (local).

3 Introduction: Jordan Yemen EgyptLibyaTunisia This multi-country programme has been developed to respond to the escalating need to provide tools addressing the unemployment challenge in a number of Arab Countries :

4 Introduction: The principles to be implemented by the Jordan CO: A national implementation plan designed to define the priorities, capacity gaps and technical assistance requirements for the project at the national level. Increased opportunities for internships in private companies and or other institutions for youth (women and men as well as disabled). Youth employment generation policies formulated through the provision of high-calibre advisory services to concerned public/private institutions.

5 Introduction:  The project was started on 23 April 2012 and will end in December 2012.  This is a multi-country project and implementing by the UNDP country office. The Project is targeting three Governorates : Mafraq, Ma’an and Madaba. Main beneficiaries: at least 75 Youth from the three Governorates (men, women and people with disabilities) Stakeholders: Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Higher Council for Youth, All Jordan Youth Commission and Private Sector.

6 Key Achievements  Project team hired.  Project steering committee members identified: o Embassy of Japan o MOPIC o HCFY o MOL  Project focal points identified in the three governorates: o Developmental Unit o Development Zone Commission

7 Key Achievements – Con.  Project Inception Conference: knowledge exchange on Internship for youth  Project Media plan Prepared, and shared with the Donor. Started designing promotional material (banners, posters, leaflet, Etc). 6 articles were published in the local news papers  Youth website: The Project Website design is almost finalized and will be launched on July (

8 UNDP-Internship programme: In order to address the challenge of lack of employability skills of the candidates, the project will provide them with the needed skills, to enable them to compete in the labor market. The project will also help them to seek job opportunities in private sector, by providing internship opportunities for 6 months, after undertaking detailed training courses on employability and life skills.

9 UNDP-Internship programme: Programme Objectives Provide graduates and unemployed youth with the necessary experience and skills that would enhance their marketability and employment opportunities. Provide the unemployed with basic skills training and on the job training. Retain most of the interns in their workplace during or after the internship period.

10 UNDP-Internship programme: Beneficiaries: The project is targeting at least 75 interns (at least 25 from each Governorate) unemployed young people aged 18 to 26, with a special focus on, University and Community College graduates, High school graduates, with special focus attention to people with Disabilities. The project provides equal opportunities to males and females.

11 UNDP-Internship programme: UNDP - Approach Awareness meetings were held with public and private sector in addition to the local NGOs to promote the internship programme in the three targeted governorates. Needs assessment for at least 100 companies in the Private Sector, was conducted to match the private sector opportunities with the interns education. Needs assessment of the challenges, issues and problems facing the Private Sector Companies, as well as for the unemployed youth, in order to design the training programme.

12 Interns selection Advertisements in local news paper as well as UNDP website. Form a committee from UNDP staff. Screening of the applications from the committee. Form interview panel with participation of the project focal point. Set a series of questions related to the training need assessment.

13 Basic Employability and Lifelong Learning Skills for Youth / Topic 3 weeks Communication skills Team work Work Ethics, attitudes and behaviors Initiative and self-motivation Planning and time Management Computer skills English language

14 Statistics on received applicants GovernorateNo. of Application MaleFemaleBachelorDiploma High schoolOthers Mafraq 733142501211 Maa’an 579483210141 Madaba 451827331110 Others 3325826502 Total 2088312514117464 GovernorateMale Femalebachelor’sDiploma High school Mafraq 33%67%68%3%29% Ma’an 16%84%56%18%26% Madaba 40%60%73%2%25%

15 Networking interns with private sector Matching list prepared (interns = companies needs). code of conduct prepared and signed by the interns. MOUs, prepared to be signed with the private sector companies. The engagement of the interns will be on the first week of July, 2012.

16 During and after the internship M & E Field visit Monthly report Hand over the programme to the Jordan government (MOL)

17 National level Mapping of youth employment policies and programmes started. A Brief presentation will be on that later

18 Your patient appreciated Thank you

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