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Weddings A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage.

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1 Weddings A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage.

2 Before the Wedding

3 Save-the-dates cards Cards can be sent out about 6-8 months before the wedding for guest to save the date.

4 Before the Wedding Invitations can be sent out about 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

5 Before the Wedding Many brides have Bridal showers before their wedding, during which they receive gifts from the guests.

6 Before the Wedding The bachelorette party is a party given in the honour of the bride. The bachelor party is a party held for a groom to celebrate his “last night of freedom”. It’s usually planned by the best man.

7 Wedding Ceremonies Traditional / formal, religious weddings are the most common type of wedding. Many couples prefer to marry in the church of their faith.

8 Wedding Ceremonies Destination weddings allow the couple to design their wedding ceremony to fit the location. The options for destinations are limitless.

9 Wedding gown Very formal. The bride is in a full and long gown, cathedral train, gloves or long sleeves to cover arms, the veil and full bouquet.

10 Wedding gown Formal The bride is in a long gown with a chapel or swap train, veil and bouquet.

11 Wedding gown Semi formal The bride is in a pastel, ivory or white coloured gown that is a tea-length or floor- length, no train, short veil, hat or wreath, simple bouquet.

12 Wedding gown Informal The bride is in a dress or suit, hat, gloves, holds a small bouquet.

13 . Grooms are in tuxedoes or kilts

14 Wedding cake The wedding cake is a ritual and a symbol of the bride and groom’s willingness to share each others household from then on.

15 Wedding bands Rings, because of its circular shape, symbolize eternity, endlessness… thus a never-ending marriage. Some couples have their names or messages engraved on the rings before the wedding.

16 Wedding vows Sometimes a couple decides to write their own vows. They define their relationship in terms of what values are important to them. Personal vows are enhanced with deep feeling, commitment and heartfelt expression...

17 Attendants Usher Bridesmaids Maid of honour Best man Groom Bride

18 Attendants Father and Mother of bride Mother and Father of groom Flower girl They spread petals down the aisle for the bride to walk on flowers. Some flower girls carry a small bouquet or a basket of flowers instead. Some strew confetti down the aisle. Some blow bubbles. Ring bearer takes the rings up on a pillow so the bride and groom can exchange rings.

19 After the Wedding After the wedding reception, the newlyweds usually leave for their honeymoon, a trip to the destination of their choice.

20 Wedding Superstitions For good luck the bride should wear “something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new”. The husband should carry his new wife over the threshold of their house.

21 Wedding Superstitions The bride and groom must not meet on the day of the wedding except at the altar. The bride should never wear her complete wedding clothes before the day.

22 Wedding Superstitions As a symbol of luck, the newly married woman traditionally throws her bouquet to the unmarried women at the wedding. The one who catches the bouquet is the next to be married.

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