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Superstitions beliefs traditions. Marriage ceremony - is a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that establishes rights and obligations.

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1 superstitions beliefs traditions

2 Marriage ceremony - is a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that establishes rights and obligations between the spouses, between the spouses and their children, and between the spouses and their in-laws

3 Different customs and superstitions are stimulating folk imagination from hundreds of years. It is difficult to point the border between the tradition and the superstition particularly because the second one surely has its roots in our lives. So, if it isn't possible to fight with them, do we have to meet them? Traditions and wedding superstitions, so that they lived happily ever after.

4 WEATHER What's interesting it is possible that the weather can have the influence on our wedding. If you want to have a perfect weather during the wedding the bride should put her wedding shoes onto the window sill. ROAD Next thing – the way to church. When you forget to take something from the house do not go back for it. It is better to ask your bridesmaid to fetch it for you. Otherwise, you might have bad luck. GLASS When the young couple breaks their glasses, the bride should sweep the glass remains. Cleaner the floor, happier the couple will be in the future.


6 THRESHOLD If the bride trips over the doorstep of the house, it will mean bad luck for the young couple. That’s why the groom should carry his wife over the treshold. KISS If the groom will kiss his wife at the church with passionate kiss it means his love is true. THE RICE AND THE MONEY Throwing the rice over the young couple’ heads after a wedding ceremony guarantee their fertility and the affluence. Also, when the coins are tossed the young couple should picked them up to the last coin remaining.

7 RULING There are three superstitions that state who will call the shots during the marriage. First one is connected with the wedding ceremony in the church when the couple stands in front of the altar – the person who will first turn the other way around with the partner will have the majority of the power in life. Next custom is connected with greeting the young couple with four glasses – two filled with water, the other two filled with vodka. If the groom takes the one filled with vodka, he will rule. The third superstition refers to the hands covered with the stole during the mass. The hand being on top is the sign that this person will decide more.

8 TAKING OFF THE VEIL The ceremony connected with taking off the veil and throwing it into the gathered crowd of unmarried women comes from the traditions of Slavic tribes which permanently became part of an image of Polish wedding. It is custom symbolizing the change of a bride from the maidenhood into married woman. This party starts precisely at midnight. This ritual is the first performed by the bride. The similar situation is with the groom. Now, he throws his bowtie and all the gathered bachelors must catch. Then, numerous games and competitions are held with the participation of the happy couple and wedding guests. Those events are led by the master of the ceremony, or the frontman of the music band.

9 In the ballroom… According to the tradition, the newly-weds are welcomed with the Mendelssohn's March during which the groom carries his married wife over the threshold. Parents welcome them according to the Old Polish custom - they offer the bread and the salt. Next, all guests propose a toast, and then the young couple receives the champagne in glasses tied with a ribbon. When the champagne is drunk the customs says that the young couple should throw the glasses so they break. Taking seats behind the table is the next step – the ritual demands that a mother of a bride commences this ceremony. Nowadays, this ritual is not popular. It was replaced with placing the small cards with the names of the guests on them. Such a solution was implemented in order to avoid creating small groups of wedding guests who will spend time together. The bride and groom take the honourable place in the centre of the ballroom together with bridesmaid and best man, the close.

10 The marriage ceremony is most often held in a park. Throwing a veil ceremony is a a card game When the glasses of the young couple breaks into a lot of pieces this means that the newly weds will be very lucky in the future. When the groom, carrying the bride over the treshold, trips over this means misfortune. Customs and superstitions about the marriage ceremony last for about one hundred years. When you have to go back home just before the wedding ceremony commences because you forgot to take something it brings good luck and happiness for both sides.

11 False True

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