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Comparison of Wedding Cultures between China and America

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1 Comparison of Wedding Cultures between China and America

2 Introduction- The meaning between China and America wedding.
For the American bride and groom, the wedding ceremony, complete with the exchanging of vows of love, is the most significant part of the day. However, Chinese couple the most important part of the day is the wedding reception replete with a feast and wishes for prosperity.

3 Motivation Every girl has a dream which is a fantastic and romantic wedding. And diversification blends of Eastern and Western wedding today, most of the people for traditional Chinese wedding customs, wedding dress, feature of culture, as well as a variety of symbolic significance of wedding content. In the end, what is the difference from traditional China wedding and western wedding? So, we want to explore the differences between Chinese and Western wedding customs.

4 The meaning of red in China.
Red is central to the wedding theme of China. It signifies love, joy and prosperity and is used in a variety of ways in Chinese wedding traditions. The bride's wedding down is often red, as are the wedding invitations, and wedding gift boxes or envelopes for cash gifts. Even the bride and groom's homes are decorated in red on the wedding day.

5 The meaning of white in America.
In the old western culture, the white is a symbol of happiness, purity, and yes, even virginity. Sometimes white is used to distinguish the first marriage woman and the remarriage person. So, the remarriage woman cannot wear white wedding dress .

6 The Dowry of China. The dowry must be sent to the groom’s house. It’s representative wealth . Scissors is means that they can love each other until forever. The candies means that they’ll never feel bored to each other. Tea set for wedding tea ceremony. A tea set for the wedding tea ceremony must be included. The bride will only serve her parents-in-law tea during the wedding ceremony.

7 The Dowry of America. Something Old is meant to represent the link with the bride's own family and the past. To symbolize this link brides may choose to wear a piece of antique family jewelers. Something New represents good luck and success and the brides hopes for a bright future in her new married life. Something Borrowed "Borrowing" is especially important, since it has to come from a happily married woman, thereby lending the bride some of her own marital happiness to carry into the new marriage. Something Blue in ancient times is the symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty.








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