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CSEE W4140 Networking Laboratory Opening Lecture Jong Yul Kim 01.21.2009.

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1 CSEE W4140 Networking Laboratory Opening Lecture Jong Yul Kim 01.21.2009

2 Computer Science in one word Abstraction “a mechanism and practice to reduce and factor out details so that one can focus on a few concepts at a time” - wikipedia

3 Figure from Computer Networking: a top down approach




7 Details Figure from “Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour” by Jeff Dean

8 Reality Figure from “Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour” by Jeff Dean

9 Real Network Protocols “RIP is a distance-vector protocol that operates in a manner very close to the idealized DV protocol we examined” -Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach 4/e

10 Course Objectives  The main idea: learning by doing Build a network using PCs, routers, cables Configure them properly Run the experiment Observe real network protocol behavior Gather data Analyze and evaluate  Explore how abstract concepts are designed to work in real life and to observe how they really behave

11 Course Objectives  Reinforce your knowledge of networks  Gain first-hand experience and skills  Learn how to use Linux for networks  “Is there a way to do better?” or “Why?” Beginning of network research  Pre-requisite Computer Networks or equivalent

12 Lab Organization  Each lab has three parts Prelab HW - individually Lab session Lab report  You need to bring Your Lab Manual A USB drive to store your data in groups of two

13 Lab Times  Mondays 4 ~ 6 pm  Tuesdays 4 ~ 6 pm  Wednesdays 10 ~ 12 pm (if class > 20)  10 students in each lab time  Please sign up!

14 Lab Equipment

15 Lectures  Wednesdays 1:10 ~ 2:10 pm at 253 ENG  Go over topics in the upcoming lab  Discussions on reading assignments  Will not be an extensive review of relevant Computer Networks material

16 Grading Prelab HW10% Lab performance & Lab reports50% Midterm10% Final20% In-class quiz & Participation10% Open-book, open-notes, open to quiet discussions

17 Homework Policy  Prelab HW Individual work Due every Friday at 11:59 pm Don’t copy and paste from other sources  Lab reports Team work Due before next lab Don’t turn in 100 page reports! Avg. 5~20

18 Homework Policy  Late submission 20 points deducted per day But you can use 3 late days  At most 1 week for reconsideration after grades are announced

19 Life comes at you fast when you connect any lab machine to the Internet. Always be careful and ask yourself before you plug it in: “Where is the other end of the cable?”

20 To get the most out of this course  Prepare for labs in advance Read the lab manual beforehand If you’re not familiar with something in the lab, consult textbook, ask me or TAs during office hours Submit your prelab HW on time  Come to class  For long term benefit, ask “Why?”

21 Main Points of Lab 1  Getting acquainted Hardware setup Linux VirtualBox Network tools (ping, tcpdump, wireshark)  Lab reports How to capture data What to include / exclude in lab reports

22 Homework  Prelab 1 due on Friday (01.23.2009)  Read RFC 826 by next class

23 Contact and Office Hours  Instructor Jong Yul Kim (jyk@cs) Wednesdays 2:10 ~ 4:00 pm at CEPSR 721  TAs Sambuddho Chakravarty (sc2516@cs) TBA Wonsang Song (wonsang@cs) TBA

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