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2 MISSION STATEMENT “To lead the supply chain profession by connecting, developing, and educating the world’s logistics and supply chain management professionals throughout their careers”


4 Roundtables Are CSCMP’s Field Ambassadors!
Brings CSCMP to the local level to support the supply chain community as a whole Delivers CSCMP mission of connections and education from one annual global conference to the next Encourages professional growth through local events, education, networking, and volunteer opportunities Creates a foundation for the next generation of supply chain leaders Grows membership and member engagement

5 CSCMP Strategic Initiatives
SCPro™ Professional Certification Program Global Presence Corporate Member Program Management Annual Global Conference Relevance Membership Lifecycle Initiatives

6 SCPro™ Professional Certification Program
CSCMP’s commitment to provide supply chain professionals with high-quality education and learning opportunities Become SCPro™ Certified yourself and help us spread the word about this dynamic learning program. Engage support of local senior leaders who will incorporate SCPro™ Certification into their companies’ employee development program. Compliment Roundtable scholarship program with SCPro™ Certifications sponsorships. Create local SCPro™ study groups. Deliver educational events that contributes to CEUs.

7 Global Presence Serves as a local resource within our global presence
CSCMP membership represents a community of supply chain management professionals located in 59 countries Serves as a local resource within our global presence Provides members with the ability to connect outside their communities Facilitates the learning of valuable insights into foreign business cultures

8 Corporate Member Program Management
Corporate membership is key to engaging corporations in membership growth and member engagement activities Promote corporate membership with your employer, your network, and at roundtable events Serve as a point of referral to the Corporate Membership Team Collaborate with corporate members to serve as a source of supply chain education and networking opportunities for local employees Encourage corporate members to volunteer in local roundtable projects, committees, and board positions

9 Annual Global Conference Relevance
Supply chain’s signature event! Attend and experience the people, the research, the innovation, the global community Encourage members and guests to participate in the annual conference as an attendee, speaker, or sponsor Invite annual global conference speakers to present to your roundtable audience Sponsor the Roundtable Leadership Forum and receive conference passes that can be raffled/awarded locally

10 Membership Lifecycle Initiatives
We strive to learn what our members want from CSCMP, and how their needs change throughout their careers. Form a discussion group that brings members from all lifecycles together to discuss career goals, objectives, and needs; provide feedback Engage student members in committee work Sponsor student members into the Student Assistant Program at annual global conference Develop young professional members into leadership roles Create a program that brings together senior leaders and those within the first ten years of their careers

11 The volunteers that make up roundtables are a powerful FORCE!
Thank you for delivering CSCMP to your community


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