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ET - 277 - 1,000 Gallons of Water- 1250 GPM Pump.

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1 ET - 277 - 1,000 Gallons of Water- 1250 GPM Pump

2 Compartment 1- High side driver’s side (front) –Hand lights- Two 4”-5” storz adapters –Portable lights- Eastford hydrant cam-lock adapter –Hydrant set up - 2 ½” – garden hose adapter (fillforestry packs) two 2 ½” ball valves - 3” male to 5” storz rear fill adapter One 4” steamer elbow –Foam nozzles (2) - 5” storz-2 ½” female threaded –Hydrant Wrench

3 Compartment 2 – Low side driver’s side (front) –Chimney chains, weights, bombs, buckets, shovels, masks, gloves and tarp –Smoke ejector, hanger, and extension cord –Two 50’ lengths of 1 ¾” hand lines 1 white 1 red

4 Compartment 3 – High side driver’s side rear -Floating strainer with cam-lock adapter -1 roof saw (echo) -1chain saw (Stihl) -1 A/B/C fire extinguisher -1 water can fire extinguisher

5 Compartment 4 – Low side driver’s side rear -Wheel chalks- Hamaltro combi tool -Caution tape- 2 Hamaltro rams -Duct tape- Cribbing -Running board A post ram extender

6 Compartment 5 – Rear of the truck -Portable Hamaltro power unit- Reciprocating saw -Hydraulic hoses- Glass Master tool -Mix gas can (saws)- Tarp -Straight gas can (power unit)- Glass lubricating spray

7 Compartment 6 – Low Side passenger's rear -Gas power Honda generator -Quartz light power cord – in compartment and plugs into generator -Extension ladder and roof ladder are located above both passenger side compartments

8 Compartment 7 – Low side passenger’s side front -Fast / RIT team bag- Thermal imaging camera -4” – 5” storz adapter- CO meter -Deck Gun base 1 roll of 5” 50 ft. long -Adjustable nozzle for the deck gun

9 Crew Cab under forward facing seats passenger’s side -EMS Jump Bag -EMS Gloves -Head Blocks

10 Crew Cab under forward facing seats driver’s side -Towels -Linens -Drinking Water

11 Crew Cab Extras Located between the two forward facing seats are two portable UHF radios Under the passenger’s side rear facing seat is a KED Two axes are located on the front of the box that the forward facing seats are bolted to 4 SCBA’s

12 Driver compartment -Truck fire extinguisher -Fire police vests -Small whisk broom for cleaning cab area -Driver controls including emergency lights, radios and siren

13 Officer’s seat -Heat gun -Cab Tilt Controller -SCBA in officer seat

14 Hose Bed - 1,000’ of 5” hose- 200’ of 3” hose - 1 back board - Water thief - Traffic cones- Three 5 gallon jugs of Class A Foam

15 Front of Hose Bed -20 Gallon Class A Foam Tank -Water Tank Overflow Pipe -Shovels

16 Deck Gun with smooth bore nozzle attachment Two 1 ¾” pre-connect attack lines accessible from both driver and passenger sides Lines are equipped with adjustable pistol grip nozzles

17 -Driver side intake and discharge -3” intake -Pressure relief valve -Spanner wrenches -Ground light switch -Drains -Passenger side intake and discharges -LDH intake -3” intake -Spanner wrenches -Halogen tool -Drains

18 Spare SCBA Bottles Kept In Compartments On Either Side Of The Wheel Wells There Are A Total Of 4 On ET-277 2 On The Driver’s Side 2 On The Passenger’s Side

19 Pump Panel

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