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Search and Rescue Trailer Bungay Fire Brigade 2013.

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1 Search and Rescue Trailer Bungay Fire Brigade 2013

2 SAR trailer

3 Introduction The BFB Search and Rescue trailer will be used to transport the Ranger as well as brush fire equipment and our high angle rope rescue gear. In addition, the trailer can be used as a command vehicle and or rehab station It’s primary mover is Service 177 since it also provides the generator power to the trailer

4 Connection to Tow Vehicle Drop the trailer on the 2 5/16” ball, and lock the hitch with the safety clip Connect the chains Connect the breakaway switch Make sure the front jack is fully raised Plug in the 7 way electrical connection Double check each step and make sure the trailer is clear to be moved

5 Emergency calls When responding to an emergency call, open the box located at the front of the trailer and turn on the emergency flashers. Make sure all four corners are working before leaving the station.

6 Driving The trailer itself is 22.5 feet long and the service is nearly the same length. Make sure you leave enough room for the entire length of both units when turning. The trailer follows (tracks) the service very well and for the driver, the trailer is slightly wider than the service so roughly 4 inches of each side of the trailer is visible while towing in a straight line. The trailer has an extended tongue to allow for tighter corners. Never back the trailer up without someone watching.

7 Set up at scene Open the floor hatch and feed the wire through and connect to one of the rear outlets on the Service 177. Start the generator. Turn on the circuit breaker in the Service 177 for the rear lights. It’s the one furthest in. If you don’t need the scene lights on the Service, you can turn each one off individually. The rear scene lights on the Service are de-mountable for additional lighting flexibility.

8 Generator Power The generator powers the fluorescent lighting inside the trailer, the side halogen lights as well as a 110 outlet inside the trailer. The generator can power all four scene lights on the service, as well as all of the lights in the trailer. It’s best to limit the draw on the trailer by using only what you need.

9 Locks There are three door latches that are all keyed alike on the trailer. One key opens all three. The keys are on the Service key ring. The smaller black lock on the side people door is only used as an additional latch. We won’t be locking that because it’s keyed differently.

10 Rear door Unlock and unlatch the rear latches and gently pull the door down from the top. It’s spring assisted so not a lot of effort is needed. When fully open, flip out the additional plywood ramp. Important!!! When driving the Ranger into the trailer, don’t enter the trailer fast or in a jerky manner. The top of the Ranger is approx 4 inches from the top of the trailer door. It will fit, but a jerky entrance may cause damage

11 Interior lighting The interior lighting powered off the generator and is controlled by the following switches. 1.Fluorescent roof lighting 2.Outside scene Halogen lights are controlled by individual switches directly under the housing 1. 2.

12 Canopy The canopy on the side of the trailer is tricky to use. Make sure someone shows you the right way to open and close it.

13 Command Center The people door has a whiteboard attached to it for command and planning purposes. There is a dry erase marker set behind the drivers door in Service 177

14 Caution! Make sure the top of the door doesn’t get caught on the canopy. Use caution opening and closing the door when the canopy is open

15 Equipment Right wall Two extra backboards Folding table for command Straps for securing the ranger.(not shown)

16 Left Wall Leaf blower Indian packs Igloo cooler

17 Front top shelf Left side high angle rope gear 1.Two 200 foot static line bags 2.Toss safety bags 3.Rope hardware in blue line bag 4.Red bag is strapping and climbing helmets 5.Two climbing harnesses (grey bags) Right side Extra brush helmets and water

18 Front second shelf Left side Dewatering pump with suction hose and discharge hose Chain Saw Extra Indian bag bladders (in Indian bag) Right side Brush fire hand tools Extension cord

19 Front floor Fuse box, power cord and floor hatch Two floor attachments for securing ATV Rehab pop-up tent Wheel chock

20 Rear Floor 4 floor attachments for ATV4


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