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The Perfect Job Written and Presented by: Seikou Triangle.

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1 The Perfect Job Written and Presented by: Seikou Triangle

2 Index Debbie’s Perfect Job 3 Ruthie's Perfect Job4 Maya's Perfect Job5 Lisa's Perfect Job6 Katherine's Perfect Job7 Dixie's Perfect Job8

3 Debbie concludes: My idea of a perfect job would be one where I could work from home in the environment I enjoy without the daily hassle of traveling to work every day. The hustle and bustle of traveling back and forth takes up at least 45 minutes of my day and if I could work from home, I would have that much more time to devote to my job. I want to be challenged by the work I do. I love to tackle new tasks and be able to challenge my mind to think of creative and productive ways of doing things. I want to be exposed to new ideas to keep my mind fresh and alive. Learning new things is like an adventure and I want my job to be an adventure. I want to work with people who care about what they are doing and about what the company is doing. Positive people have positive attitudes and that is what I am looking for in a job a positive environment. I want appreciation from management, my fellow workers and the clients. I feel if I have all these things listed above, then I will receive appreciation from management, clients and my fellow workers. Why you ask? Because I will do a perfect job using my creative abilities, fresh ideas and great communication and organizational skills. Of course, the extra income would be a real plus. Why Lifebushido? Lifebushido seems like a company that has a unique vision. It is something I feel will work for me. I have enjoyed the Triangle process so much this far. As a leader, I am learning that when you deal with people, if you treat them with respect and kindness, you will get respect and kindness in return. I want to have this respect from my fellow team mates. I treat my team members the way I want to be treated. I respect the job they do, the abilities they have and bring to the triangle and the commitment they show in the work they have done and are doing in our Triangle. This has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. I have to say, I cannot stop talking about Lifebushido and can’t stop thinking about it. I am living the triangle experience and it is a great feeling! I am on an adventure and the adventure is leading me to my perfect job! Nothing quite compares to it. Great job Steve! You had a vision, stuck to it and it is working! Kudos to you and your team!

4 Ruthie feels: The perfect job for me is challenging on a daily basis, yet is enjoyable at the same time. It is important to have flexibility and to be paid for my time. I love working both individually and with a team. Having a team you can count on is extremely important to me because everyone should realize your time is just as important as theirs in getting work done. I chose Lifebushido because I felt it was a company where my talents can be used and where I can develop my skills for the future. It's not too often you can work from home and find jobs that will challenge you and stimulate your mind as the jobs outside of the house had done. I share the ideals of teamwork, goal setting, and self-motivation. I'm a perfectionist and I take any job seriously, even the smallest of jobs I've had on the internet. I know I will be an asset to the company and to the team, and will succeed in whatever I do.

5 Maya communicates: Because I'm a free spirit at heart, my ideal job must encompass the option of a flexible schedule. Working from home, free of the daily commute and the popular 9 to 5 schedule would make me very happy. In my professional life over the past 15 years, I have been an efficient planner and program manager but I have not had the opportunity to apply and develop my creative talents. My ideal job would encourage me to be more creative. Since my childhood, my passion has been books. I read various books from different disciplines on a monthly basis. An ideal job would allow me to read, write reports and share the knowledge I have acquired. Because of its vision, philosophy and work from home offering, Lifebushido seems to be an ideal place to work. Bookbushido and Orange Passion have picked my interest and I'm curious to find out more about these segments of Lifebushido. I love the focus on discovering and sharing your unique talents while advancing the mission of the organization.

6 Lisa reports: My perfect job would encompass a few things. First, it would be flexible. I am a flexible person so I think my perfect job, in order to fit me would have to be flexible as well. If I need to run out and bring my son's lunch that he forgot to school, I want to be able to do it. No questions asked. My perfect job would also be from my home. I spent too many years trying to get everyone where they needed to go, and then get myself to my job. By the time I pulled into the parking lot, I felt like I had driven 100 miles and put in a full day, and the building was only down the street. Working from home enables me to bewithin reach of everything that is important, and makes achieving a work/life balance much easier. It is also important for my perfect job to make me feel like I am accomplishing something, as well as have some variety. I don't mind doing the same thing over and over again, but having new challenges every day is also important. Lastly, even though working from home is a solitary way to work, I want to feel like I am a part of a team and have the sense of coworkers. Even though we may not be in the same building, we are still there to support each other and know that we are there for each other to help out when needed. From what I am learning, it seems that Lifebushido is based on the idea of teamwork and supporting coworkers. This is really one thing that I do miss because I work from home. It would be great to feel like I am part of a team again.

7 Katherine states: The perfect job would enable me to work from home. This job would have flexible days and hours, and help me to improve my skills. Working with Lifebushido would allow me to work with a wonderful group of people, using my untapped talents to achieve goals together. Last, the perfect job would allow me to make a little extra income.

8 Dixie passes along: My idea of the perfect job is pretty simple. Being able to work from home for someone who is easy to work for/with while still doing something you enjoy.

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