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15 Simple Habits of The Happiest People.

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1 15 Simple Habits of The Happiest People

2 Happiness - isn't that all you really want
Happiness - isn't that all you really want? Just think about it for a moment, pretty much everything we do in life, we do to feel better or at least to avoid feeling worse than we are feeling right now. Yes, our entire life is driven by the desire to feel good and to be as happy as possible. I’ve boiled all of these into the top 15 things that the happiest people have in common.

3 1. They make happiness their priority
Making happiness your priority will help you avoid the things that might take away your happiness. If you go through life seeing how you create happiness rather than what takes from it, you will ultimately end up making decisions that lead to a happier life.

4 2. They accept responsibility for their happiness
Too often, we rely on someone or something else to make us feel good. It has and is going to continually be up to our own selves. In order to experience our daily existence in a better or happier light, we need to make the decision to do just that. Giving our power to an outside source is opening ourselves up to disappointment.

5 3. They focus on the good things in their lives
It just doesn't make any sense to focus only on those things that are not so great, while completely neglecting all the good things in our life. Don't put so much attention on those things that are not so great, rather be happy about all the great things that you have in your life.

6 4. They spend more time with friends and family
Life is about people and not about things. People are more important than achievements, they are more important than material success. Care about people, spend time with your friends and family, watch your kids grow up, support each other, laugh and have fun with each other... that's what will make you happy - every day.

7 5. They do something they really love
Find something you truly love and build your career around it. If that's not possible at the moment, at least start thinking how you can move in that direction and get there in the long run. In the meantime, you should at least find a hobby you really love and enjoy.

8 6. They enjoy the simple things in life
You don't need a sports car or a dream villa to be happy. Neither do you need a lot of money. Happiness is found in those simple things that are easily accessible for you every day: Watching the magnificent sunset, having a nice meal together, holding the hand of someone you love, taking a walk in the fresh air and simply enjoying the feeling of being alive...

9 7. They disregard other peoples' opinions about them
What other people think about you is none of your business. Really! There will always be someone, somewhere who may not have the highest opinion of you. Let them have it. As soon as you start trying to manipulate what other people think of you your authenticity goes out right out the window along with your happiness.

10 8. They live for the Here & Now
“If you're depressed you're living in the past and if you're anxious you're living in the future". You need to focus on living in the moment because when it comes down to it the "here and now" is all that really matters. The past is the past and the future has yet to happen.

11 9. They do things that inspire and make them smile!
Seek out inspiring experiences every day. Find motivating quotes, listen to inspirational music, audio and video recordings. Put on some great music and dance like no one is watching whenever possible! These activities will raise your energies and inspire exciting, new ideas.

12 10. They are aware of what they think & act
Understanding that many of life's events are a direct result of a reaction to an action. It's important to practice self-reflection on a daily basis. Set a schedule to do this either in the morning or in the evening before retiring to bed. A constant practice of self-reflection will reveal alternatives to take in live that will lead to a happier life.

13 11. They take action now We are the leader in our lives. We are the one that can controls our internal happiness. Life is not meant for us to suffer or be miserable; however, most of us would rather choose this path because usually it is the path of least resistance. Don't give up on your hopes. Don't let others control your thoughts and that, my friend, is the key to happiness.

14 12. They forgive Think about someone you refuse to forgive. Why are you granting them control over your happiness? So forgive them and feel the relief. Remember, forgiving does not make the person's action right, but you can still forgive them for possibly not having the know-how to do any better. Forgiveness equals freedom. And freedom equal happiness.

15 13. They practice the art of giving
Those that are happier in life are those that embrace the importance of making others happy. Giving people what they want does not have to always be huge gestures. Practice saying something nice to people throughout the day. Smile at others when you are passing them throughout your daily travels. Small gestures make a huge difference.

16 14. End each day with a gratitude list.
As you lay your head on the pillow, list everything you're grateful for. "Thank you for my family, for my daughter, for my marriage. Thank you for my health. I'm so grateful for our home. Our safety. Our jobs... " and the list can go one as long as you'd like. Getting into this habit removes the worry from any bedtime routine and grants you a clean slate for the next day.

17 15. Have “When I’m happy, I'll be happy” attitude
The opportunity for happiness is NOW, not tomorrow - not when this thing or that thing happens - but now. You won't be happy, until you are happy. You can be happy in any moment - you have that power. It is up to you to choose to focus on it and feel it.

18 The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn

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